Thursday, December 10, 2015


Hoy viene Robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No la he visto en.... Mucho tiempo... Como desde 2013 en rancho sordo mudo. Ya viene por unos días a Querétaro para visitar y dejar a una chica/estudiante nuestra del rancho sordo mudo y quién es de Querétaro, la chica estaba en ensenada por unos meses y ya regresa hoy. Se llama Leticia. Hermosa Leticia.
Estoy emocionada ver a Robin!!!!!!! Ok... Ya casi iré al aeropuerto.

Creo que necesito escribir acá más seguido.. Oops.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Andrea Marie

So pick up your head, for I am your friendI have seen you in the darkness and all that you don't understand I will make into something beautiful.

You've made yourself a home in the answers you don't knowWith the questions you can't find Trying to live a different life 

I have kept you and I will keep you To pick up your head I am your friend I have not left you to yourself and I will show you for I have sown you into My side and made youSomething beautiful. 
I adore you, I adore you, I adore you. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thank you thank you, you beautiful people.

I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you. I am always thankful for the people praying for me. I have to honesty say that is most important to me as support goes. ( if there is anyone who would like the prayer request emails I send out email me or Facebook msg me your name and email  Facebook - Moriah Paige Mcleod)

Today I would love to send a great thanks to all the people that are so faithful and give what they feel in their hearts to give... I'm talking about money yes. Thank you thank you.

Father God is teaching me, in this season, how to be generous. How to give and give and give. And when I think I have learned... He whispers " you haven't seen anything yet". It feels good and right. Just last week I bought two yogurts (yuuuuumay btw, totally the best ever) and walking home I drank one and was going to use the other (lemon) for a licuado at home. Well, walking home I felt Holy Spirit. Ha, fun. I knew the other yogurt wasn't for me. It was for my neighbor who lives all day outside and at night carries allllll of his belongings to a friends house and sleeps there then every morning comes out, rise and shine, and carries alllll his items/ sacks out to his cart. Anyways, him.
So I gave it to him and that was that. This is one example of giving. I had 2 and actually did not did 2, I didn't even NEED 1 but was blessed and able to purchase it.
So anyways... I am only sharing how fun it is and has been to give. Not bragging. Just realizing what you all who have given realize. It is fun to give. To give the best that you have! Wow, hard? So worth it. So so so worth it.
Freely You Lord have given. Freely now I can give.
I know this generous God has much more to show me and teach me. He is just getting started. So good, so generous! Show us Your heart Lord.

Ok, so, thank you. I appreciate all your joyous giving.

- Moriah

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

not sure what to call this post...


God, the creator of heaven and earth, knew every single bit of what was to come and He chose us. He saw all that we would do or not do, He saw us and chose us anyway. AND He actually likes us!

 I knew what I was getting into... <-- I heard this spontaneous song a few years back with Hidden Manna Ministry , again in Oaxaca Mexico and AGAIN here in Queretaro... I also found that I had it saved in my own music. Each time I hear this song God ministers to me hugely! Check it out (please).

The thought, the truth really, that God is crazy about us is hard for some to believe.
 "Only if I do better, I deserve His love." "I'll try again harder" Pretty much we could put anything in those parenthesis that shows- us needing to do something in order to (finally) receive... as if we could.
What God has shown me is that is our own pride and insecurities, our need to do it all ourselves and try try try are in the way of receiving. What we have been given (past tense) is a GIFT, it is called  GRACE. This is what the newness is all about in Christ. There is nothing we can do, but rather it is what we get to step into, walk into, and need to grab a hold of. It has all been DONE and it is RIDICULOUS to think and act otherwise. It is not- "Forgive me pleeeeaseeee Lord!!" but rather "THANK YOU LORD, for you have forgiven me, you have won me." It already happened, we do not have to keep begging for something that was GIVEN TO US, HAPPILY GIVEN TO US.

We have been cleaned. We, as children of the Light, children of God we have this hope. I do not believe it is something that we have to keep on asking for... it was a one time deal. His forgiveness has the same worth in this very moment. In accepting His AMAZING gift that means we are accepting that He is speaking over us "I AM YOURS AND YOU ARE MINE." The whole package, every bit of us, He took it all. We have been chosen, marked, set apart and ravished by love.

This changes us, this changes how we love others.
How we see Him and feel His love is how we will love others.
I want to love others well so it is important to me to get His Gospel right, to get the "GOOD NEWS" right. We are not meant to change the Gospel to our own unhealthy thoughts and feelings but rather be transformed. Rom 12:1-2

"I chose you. I see who you are, I see the price I will have to pay, I see how this will be hard, this may even hurt sometimes, but I say yes!" This is what He has told us and this is exactly how we get to live with others. To value them, to honor them, to be vulnerable together, to live in community, to see them how God sees them, and to fight for love... this is our joy.

Maybe we do not feel deserving of love but it doesn't even matter because we have forever and always been chosen. We were not deserving but Christ has changed all of that.

It is time to walk in the calling. It is time to receive a gift that WE have nothing to do with but we are legally justified to have. We have been made F-R-E-E. We are no longer slaves to sin, we need to start acting like it and calling others to walk into freedom, into their calling.

Monday, June 15, 2015


We celebrated yesterday the 14 year Anniversary  of CCQ with the service at a pool! Our group, Senas de Esperanza, invited our Deaf friends to enjoy the day with us. Our team got to sign the service and worship. Here is a picture of a few of us with our friend Tere

After we has the baptisms and we ate!! So many people, communion and fun in and out of the pools. (There were many pools)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

 13 de junio// June 13

Tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of the congregation of CCQ here in Queretaro. We will be going to a pool to have the service, baptisms, food, and swimming.

I decided that I want to get baptized. I got baptized when I was a little girl and was stoked to do it but I feel the joy and the "yes!" to do it again, for real this time. I knew I wanted to for a few years now but had been putting it off and well, I feel like I cannot put it off any longer. What better place than with my family here in Queretaro. God has freed me from the bondage that I was tangled in, He has done everything to be close to me and all that I can do now is worship him and this is how. As I dunk and "die to sin and live in Christ" it is completely an act of worship. I get to freely adore him in the presence of my family/church body.  I am stoked!
I have joy bubbling up from me and will not hold it back. I get to express my love, the love that has been given to me.

Friday, June 12, 2015

On fire

The Lord our God is high and lifted up. Who has made the world turn? Made the heavens to shine at night? Who has set my heart on fire?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let's gooo

Going to California May 20th-1st of June! Kindaaaaa Really stoked!
For now I get to go back in forth every 6 months to renew my visa (I REALLY need to get another visa, workin on that)... this will not always happen but for now it is what it is and I will enjoy it. I will enjoy what God is doing both in Mexico and in California. I am looking forward to a time of blessing for me and the blessing I can be to others.

Let me know if you are able to get together and chat!

All my love,
+ more.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Your Presence- the air we breathe

Gracia constante. 

 The only words I have- constant grace. I cant see past right now but I know what God has is good and beautiful. You Lord will lead me on and keep me. You alone are worthy. 
I hear you calling me on, further up and further in. It could be scary but it doesn't have to be because I get to cling to you. I don't want it any other way, I do not want to think I can ever do this on my own.

Help me Lord to do the difficult, the things that are uncomfortable. Lead me and help me to flee from these selfish passions. May I rest in You even when I be rejected. I can rest secure because I know my identity and freedom in my Savior.  That I be not swayed to another but rather walk firm. Walk under the out pour of grace...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lider,Pastor,Padre,Rey,Novio,Roca,Amigo,Amado mio, Descansa, Refugio, y Paz.

Your leadership, it is perfect. I don't always understand your ways but it doesn't matter because your ways are higher.

Your plans for me are higher than I could ever imagine. What you have is good. I believe that You oh Lord are for me and in my surrender to You, You are transforming me and making me whole. This whole thing, this is a process with You. It feels a bit crazy at times but I wouldn't want it any other way. You know me. The privilege to be with you and gaze at your beauty every day is more than I could ask for! To be in your rest is better than life. I keep going because of You, You are my life and my love. That you would ever be before me, leading me on.
Oh, the joy of swimming inside of your blessings. You are an endless ocean and bottomless sea.


 Tu liderazgo es perfecto. No entiendo Tus maneras siempre... y esta bien porque Tus maneras son mas altas. Todo lo que tienes y todo lo que haces es BUENO. Me estas transformando. Todo es un proceso contigo como un viaje. Hay tiempos locos pero no quiero nada diferente, Tu me facinas. Trabajar contigo es un privilegio, mirar y contemplar Tu hermosura dia tras dia. Sigo por Ti, Tu eres mi todo, mi vida y mi amor. Guiame. Tus bendeciones son increibles, impresionantes. Tu amor es profundo y ancho. En Ti no hay fin. Gracia y gracia y mas y mas y mas.


But, I need more... there is always more in you. I know that you Jesus have died and LIVE so that there would always be enough. I am not satisfied with yesterdays bread when you have more still. Thank you for all that you have provided. Let me see me every side of you, I want to know each and every part of you. And you want to know us too as your children. Thank you for this amazing intimate relationship of going on further, deeper, and higher. It is a joy that has to be shared and made known.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

just let me get it out

I have realized, I am hurting. This whole love thing, it is not easy! But that is Gods kind of love. This action is, was, and always will be His plan because it is exactly who HE is. It is not determined by anything else. It is and will always be. Unconditional is what it is. This love... oh boy. It is hard for us or I should say for me.
And what I am finding is that while loving in this way... parts of me are everywhere. My heart has been scattered about.

I have been touched in many places, poured into and in return have given myself in the same way, given what Christ has given me. It. is. hard.

I was raised in California. I have so much love for many people there that did so much for me. Whether they know it or not, they poured into me and I am grateful. I see now how God used them in my life and I AM OVERWHELMED. So much of my character was molded in crucial years, in the best way. I have tasted and seen love, tangibly. I am thankful to each of these mentors/spiritual family members for their passion and that which they carried that was passed down to me. I have been entrusted with much. I grew and transformed in California with the some gifted children of God. My heart is in California.

I spent time in Baja California with a bunch of rascals and amazing humans living together and serving together. We did life together- and I mean it. I know those people, those servants that I was surrounded by at Rancho Sordo Mudo were leaders who led so well and showed servant hearts... giving all of themselves. I know I gave a whoooole lot of me too. We loved. We cried. We laughed. We learned. We grew. And we were loved. Those days were dificil. But those days were the days I clung tighter to God than ever before. My heart is in Baja California.

I actually learned Spanish. I never thought I would. (ok, ok I am still learning... always will be and will mess up BUT that is OK) In Cacalotepec, Oaxaca I spent 1 year of my life. Oh... it was hard to leave Oaxaca for sure. I was blessed greatly in Oaxaca surrounded by beautiful people. I was blessed greatly to be there and learned more than just Spanish. I felt like I was in a dry spell spiritually and well... I was sick 9 months out of the year and didnt do much of anything about it because I had NO idea what was wrong. (That was fun...) BUT I was allowed to worship with the body of Christ almost daily and actually worshiped and danced on the beach with a few friends. I learned so much about Gods grace and the freedom that we have and can walk in. I met the sweetest deaf women nearby and was blessed to be with them. It was not all pina coladas and hammocks on the beach... OK there was a lot of that hehe (but its what everyone does, even the locals, the culture)... no but really. That year I discovered that I/we are not called to conform but rather be transformed. I discovered such freedom in just being. The Oaxaca-nan list of encounters from God could go for a while, blessings, learning in school and out about life, people/relationships, confrontations, y mas. Well, my point is- my heart is in Oaxaca.

Well... then I came to Queretaro Mexico, where I knew God had called me while I was in Baja California. The transition from the coast of Oaxaca to the city of Queretaro was, um, not easy. No, not at all. But knowing it is where I was called to go well I cried out to God, shared my hurts and honest truths and thanked Him for what I dont know. I was given peace. I went to Amealco, a town here in the state, to help Marisela Laura with her ministry. I went for about four months and realized I needed to be in the city. As much as I LOVE the kids that she works with, I LOVE the hills and the simple way they live... I knew I was needing to be in the city. And what I thought I came to do is not exactly what I came to do. I have seen beauty here and but at times have had to look for it like a treasure hunt. He is here just as much as Amealco or Oaxaca or anywhere else. My heart is with my kiddos in Amealco and here in the city.

I don't know if this all makes sense but, well, its a bit of what is going on inside. Mostly in the times of missing friends or kiddos or something from one of the former places I start to become sad that I cant be there, but I am learning to be OK. I am learning to be content in each season. There is so much to learn from each place in life that I know God longs for us to see how He sees. It is being present in each place and in each moment. Is it worth it to love with everything you've got and more? Is it worth it to let go of so much? Is it really worth it to be uncomfortable, to be embarrassed daily, to be made fun of, to be hooted at... etc etc etc. Is it worth it for any of us?

Well... here I am. Rethinking all of this and the past years. I have come to believe:
1. it is SO SO SO worth it
2. it is not and never was MY love.
3. God will never leave me dry
4. He is faithful (and His faithfulness has nothing to do with me, thank goodness)
5. I get my identity in Christ and He is sufficient
6. He made himself uncomfortable to understand, to love, to die, and to live, and give life... I can deal with it too
7. we have been called to run! To run after Him (every part of Him), which will affect us and everyone around us
8. for the sake of the world we live and walk and be in His Presence. All for His Kingdom here. It is oh so very worth it

and the list could go on...
I pray that we love with all, every part of ourselves just like He told us to.Holding nothing back.
BUT mostly
I pray that we realize HIS LOVE. Because He FIRST loved US. All of us. All the nasty, all the hidden parts, He sees it all and loves us. Thanks to Jesus.
Now I can love.

our affection, our devotion poured out on the feet of Jesus.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Journal entry // coming home from Amealco/Rincon.

Nov 1 2014 I wrote this in my journal while riding a bus from one town (Rincon inside of a bigger town Amealco) to the city (Querétaro) after ministering in the town to the deaf. Here is my interesting trip home. I no longer go to Rincon/ Amealco :( but  can't wait to visit again!

I was told that in order to catch the van that would take me from  Rincon to Amealco then Amealco to the city Querétaro I would need to be out at 6am when it would pass. Today I had to leave early from our weekend work to arrive in Querétaro at 1030am for a meeting.
So I get out about 555am. It's freezing. Bitting cold and I'm standing there in the freezing wind for a van to pass.
So I start to jump in place, do leg lifts, jumping jacks... Anything to get me body moving and "warm". I even used my skirt as a blanket. (Yes they only wear skirts in Rincon) 615 nothing. I started dancing there on the side of the street. The sun was thinking about coming up and I decided to go get a better view. 645am a woman and her son passed and I asked about the van that supposedly passes here, I was told "ahorita viene"...ha ahorita. That is a funny word that could mean: right now, 5 mins, 30 mins/"soon" or who knows when. But based on the time I thought it could actually be soon, maybe 7am.
I figured the man that told me 6am surely didn't know. So I danced a little more and did some more leg lifts. I saw an elderly woman walk out into the street with items/luggage and I had a hunch she'd be headed out to the city too. I walked over and we talked a bit. The van did show up right at 7am and her and I squeezed in. (This van was A LOT like my favorite van in the Oaxaca coast). Another elderly man squeezed his slender body right next to mine. There I was, squeezed right between two cold,but warm, bodies and I was thankful for the closeness.

Oh, I forgot,. While waiting with la señora for the van a taxi pulled up, dropped of his passenger and tried to convince her and I to go with him. He was very convincing, peed right there in front of us and then asked us "are we encouraged?". Really?! That's a sure way to get passengers in your taxi.  I flat out said "no." And surely my face showed shock/"no way man am I going with you, ya nasty" and the woman nicely let him go saying the van price is better. I'd go in the van if it was more expensive thank you very much. Well ya, that was interesting.

So we arrived in Amealco ,and I was told where to go to find the bus central to head back to the city Querétaro. I was told to walk straight straight straight, head up some stairs, straight then at farmers market ask someone over there. I really do have fun now asking for directions, it's always an interesting time. Well here I am on the bus heading to the city, and drank too many hot liquids...with no bathroom on board. :)

Yesterday with Carolina... She drank a lot of water, helped up fill a bottle with rocks, and let us braid her hair. The whole time she sat there shivering with hardly nothing as clothing... Valeria (my friend from Oaxaca here with us) gave Caro her scarf and warmer shirt. Show Caro your love for her. Open every part of her that needs to be opened. Reveal yourself to her... Your love light and peace. Show Caro the way to go, and don't let her go!


Friday, March 6, 2015


MOM is coming!

mom + dad

In less than a week she'll be here.

I am grateful. In each place I've lived my parents have been able to visit... this time it is just mom but hey that's good! Mom will get to experience a little it of life in Queretaro, she'll understand because she'll have been here. Life here will continue but I am excited to have someone here who truly knows me, understands me, exhorts, encourages, motivates, and pushes me. Mom pulls out of me the hidden and the deep things that I didn't even know where there or care to look for. Gahhhhh I am blessed, so blessed to have parents that are supportive and more than that, they believe in me... believe in Christ in me. They believe in the work He is doing, and are trusting God with me. So thankful that they both have stuck it out in life and marriage. No one is perfect, obviously but they ARE children of grace and walking in that. Love them!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

but a breath

 5 march 10am

I've been in my new place now almost one month. Still trying to adjust...
During the day when I am home, I am home alone. The other renter/roomie leaves for work everyday at 7:30 and comes home anytime from 730pm to 11pm. We hardly see one another. Since I am here most I thought I should change the home up a little bit... it is dark, without windows, and empty. Gotta bring some life to it. I am the only one here and I alone use the kitchen to cook. I am very thankful for a place however it may be it is something!

Its been about 2 months of a change of food/lifestyle for me. If you've been following my blogs would know i've been having body/gut/stomach issues. For a year I thought it was one issue when really it was something completely different and I found that I needed to change how I ate. Well, its been goin. It's been hard. A lifestyle of eating "poo" and seeing that it is harmful... for some reason we still want to eat poo-even continue to eat it?! Ridiculous but thats what we do. That poo is really really bad. Anyeays sorry for the "poo" term but its true. Anyways... its been a hard transition but soooooo much better. Its the Candida "diet"/paleo that I have been doing minus a lot of fruits that are too sugary and starchy veggies.
I started using Chia seeds in many of my meals. And after spilling water on the floor and not cleaning it up right away... I also spilled the seeds, ALL over the floor. You know what happens with Chia seeds + water. Chi Chi Chi Chia, not too fun.
But seriously changing the way I eat has been hard (I am surrounded by tortillas,beans,cheese,tamales,helados on every corner, sugar sugar sugar, mas y mas y mas) but I've seen great results already when I stick to the change.  It is a bummer to have to say no to the great foods but what has helped is bringing to go bags of the veggies,nuts,seeds, etc. while I am out walking or with friends so I have what I need. What am I learning most out of this?? Self control, integrity, and perseverance. Those are ALSO prayer requests constantly. So there ya go!

2 days a week I teach/converse in English with a few girls. They pay me about 50 pesos an hr. I am not necessarily doing it for money. These people have become good friends and I am constantly looking for opportunity to share my faith-hope and love with them. So  that's really my reason for continuing with them. I do not like teaching English and actually don't want to but its happening for something unseen and I want to give God the glory in it and do it for Him. That I can glorify Him in this, as much as I don't like it... i will like it for His Kingdom and do it with all of me. So that is happening right now, gotta go meet them across the street. Adios!

Not feelin so hot right now. I used to get migraines all the time and then they stopped. Well, its back. Lathering on my essential oils, sipped down some nasty spicy/onion/garlic drink and going to sleep!
Here comes the weekend and it doesn't wait for anyone. Lots happening. I am thankful, oh so thankful for rest. Through it all... There is a solid place, a refuge for my soul and I get to enter in.

Below are lyrics to The Gates, that I just LOVE- feel like posting them.

Did You say, 'seek, you will surely find'?
I am searching, Lord turn Your eyes to mine
But I'm weary, pacing at these gates
Jesus come, come now, don't delay

Like a child, ever faithful may I be
This I ask, God of mercy hear my plea
I have wandered with a soul impure
For this scorn, Father, send a cure

I come to You my one and only
I promise not to turn my eyes again
And yes I know we're but a breath,
But I wanna taste and see and feel You nonetheless
Yeah the years they keep on turning
And I'm battered but I'm burning for You Lord.

I wanna wake and feel Your glory
I wanna speak in tongues of angels for You Lord
I wanna sing a song eternal
I wanna trample on the curses of the earth
I wanna call upon Your healing
I wanna see the sick and weary be made new
I wanna swim inside the blessings
I wanna swim inside the blessings of the Lord

Have my heart, dry and dusty though it be
And these lungs; tired from calling out to Thee
Will You come now and make Your home
May we drink the cup of life and overflow

chillin in our kitchen... with a refri that doesn't work... worin on that.

a new friend Silvia. We get to talk about life and God- hurts, joys, blessings, struggles, overcoming and newness.

This is where we, most times, meet up. On a bench in the garden.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

updated photos

I added some AMAZING new photos in the page photos/fotos. Y'all... I have become a skilled photographer while living here. Its real. There was a need to show you these...

OK OK actually there are a few I did not take, can't take the credit. :) 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


It is necessary to have time daily with God because that is why He created us, that’s what we were made for. It is the reason for the mission of Jesus, just to be with us. He has done it all to be with us, it is all we can do, a response to His invitation. It is necessary in a relationship to talk- to be honest, share your heart mind and soul with that one. It is not a functioning or healthy relationship without honest communion. We get to know one another through communication. Of course, GOD knows about us, but knowing us is another thing. Do we let God know us? Do we get to know Him, His character or attributes? That daily time with the One we love will grow love. To let someone get to know me, really know me and on my part to seek to know the other the same is to trust, it is to be secure and all in.
How beautiful that is, how privileged we are- to see and hear the mysteries of our Beloved and His desires. To be led by the One who loves us. He lets us in to see what He sees and hear what He hears. In spending time with Him we can learn to walk like Him and talk like Him. In those moments with God, those real, those honest and those hungry moments HE is changing US to be more like Him. It is a journey with Him going to new places. Along this journey with Him we are stretched and uncomfortable but He knows it is worth it. I see all that as a benefit.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


 Here is a blog that I had for a few years...
There are a lot of entertaining entries, a lot of my heart , and a lot of honest feelings.

take a peek  one example

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Semana de primicias

Esta semana, en la iglesia tenemos la oportunidad venir para orar y buscar la cara de nuestro padre, nuestro amado, nuestro refugio...
Estamos en el año nuevo ya  y tenemos esta oportunidad. Oramos por nuestra familia- la iglesia, la ciudad- los perdidos, unidad entre los cristianos aquí en Querétaro, y el reino de Dios aquí en la tierra! 

Estoy muy muy emocionada... esto es mi corazón. Quiero levantar peticiones, palabras de gracias, mi corazón, y más importante quiero mirar a Su cara cada día estar en Su presencia. 
La puerta está abierta, en estos días, en nuestra iglesia y creo que algo grande viene a Querétaro. Me gustaría continuar,  más que estos días pero que todos tengan el deseo continuar. 

Ready or not here He comes, King of glory strong and mighty. 

Hoy leímos salmo 24, 

"¿Quién puede subir al monte del Señor?
    ¿Quién puede estar en su lugar santo?
Solo los de manos limpias y corazón puro,
    que no rinden culto a ídolos
    y nunca dicen mentiras.
Ellos recibirán la bendición del Señor
    y tendrán una relación correcta con Dios su salvador.
Gente así puede buscarte
    y adorar en tu presencia, oh Dios de Jacob.[
¡Ábranse, portones antiguos!
    Ábranse, puertas antiguas,
    y dejen que entre el Rey de gloria.
¿Quién es el Rey de gloria?
    El Señor, fuerte y poderoso;
    el Señor, invencible en batalla.
¡Ábranse, portones antiguos!
    Ábranse, puertas antiguas,
    y dejen que entre el Rey de gloria.
10 ¿Quién es el Rey de gloria?
    El Señor de los Ejércitos Celestiales, 
  él es el Rey de gloria. 

Ahora es el tiempo, estamos buscando, queremos, con un corazón, Su reino aquí. Jesús ha hecho TODO para estar cerca , para que podamos estar cerca.

Que continuemos...

"Isaías ora por Jerusalén
62 Debido a que amo a Sión,
    no me quedaré quieto.
Debido a que mi corazón suspira por Jerusalén,
    no puedo quedarme callado.
No dejaré de orar por ella
    hasta que su justicia resplandezca como el amanecer
    y su salvación arda como una antorcha encendida...
Oh Jerusalén, yo he puesto centinelas en tus murallas;
    ellos orarán continuamente, de día y de noche.
    No descansen, ustedes que dirigen sus oraciones alSeñor.  

No le den descanso al Señorhasta que termine su obra,
    hasta que haga de Jerusalén el orgullo de toda la tierra."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We've got this friend

So we've got this friend and his name is Aapeter. I'm really not sure what he is. He comes around every night around 8/830. He is a runner and a jumper, all night on  the roof and outside my balcony. Aapeter has a friend too, she comes around once in a while and well... they play around outside. I never have seen or heard Aapeter out during the day but he has walked by while we were dining in the night and I got a glimpse of his tail. He sure looks like a racoon, by the tail, but still too small. It seems like a mix of racoon and opossum. Rowdy thing.
I used to sleep with the glass door open but that has changed... he thinks he can just come right on in and decide to stay in my room, no thanks.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey guys,

It is a new year and a new day and well... you know when you just don't know what God is up to? Yea, I am right there. 
While I am seeking His face, HIS heart, and listening, He just doesn't always show us all the answers. Cause, like, we are not and never have been God so I think that is how is goes. BUT He does show us what we need to see and right when we need to see it. (Or I miss it completely... yea it happens, didn't you know that??)

Here are some things I know- or I think I do:
I know I am cleansing out my body (not easy or too fun... yet, but amazing!!!). I know I am living on a small budget. I know I am looking for another place to live. I know I have a big heart for the deaf/Deaf to understand who they are and whose they are, for them to communicate with the world and communicate with their loving Father God in a growing healthy relationship, and to see them have passion and love to share with the world. I know I want to go deeper in my relationships (even if it hurts or is scary) and get to that lovely pit. I know that I want to learn more about God, more about holy Spirit, and more about Jesus... I want to be so in love with each and stoked to learn more about each. I know that I never want to loose my hunger for Jesus and if I start to then I know something has got to happen ASAP. I KNOW that just because I work with the deaf/Deaf now and live in Mexico- those are not who I am and I know that I do not want to be living as if they are my everything (did that make sense??). I know I am not only a "missionary" - don't even like that word much-- but have an identity in Jesus and that is what I want to live for.

There is SO much that I do not know, like what tomorrow will bring. Will I continue to live in Mexico in the future? And if I do stay, do I know where I will live in Mexico? Will I stay in Queretaro?  Will I ever be able to get residency or a work visa here? Will I want to stay single or get married? (Whoa) Will I get to open a house of prayer? And many many more...

I am walking/have to walk day by day with one this that keeps me going- being loved by God and knowing that He WANTS a relationship with me/us. Day by day getting to minister to God and trusting Him with my questions and for my needs, because just like you, I too have needs.I do not doubt the plans He has for me and I am stoked to see what is ahead.

I honor those of you that feel, hear, and/or see from Holy Spirit and act on it, obeying however crazy it may look to the world! 

Please pray about supporting people that you know, love, and believe in, even if it isn't me. Consistency is what helps so much. Also you those of you who DON'T EVEN know me and still want to support me, thank you.

This campaign below is, right now, the best way money can get to me. Donations to this campaign are considered to be personal gifts and are not taxed as income in the US
Soon I'd love love love to have another way for y'all but as of now I do not. And really it's more than that, right? You are investing into the Kingdom of God.
>>>> Almost halfway, kinda? <<<<

Keep sweet,

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pleasing God, pleasing others

Here is a long-ish quote from I'm not sure where, I had it written down in my journal and came across it right when I needed to... This is where I am at and it has been a LONG time getting here and a lot of learning along the way, making mistakes and struggling trying too much to please others first. I hope this is encouraging and freeing to you today. I take this for all relations, in and out of the body of Christ.

"At times you will have to make a choice between pleasing God and pleasing those around you, for God's ways are not mans ways. ( Isa 55:8-9) 

As important as it is to strive for good relations with others, it is even more important to maintain a steadfast and obedient relationship with Christ. Disobeying God to keep peace with other people is never wise. Peace with God is always paramount.
Jesus warned that obeying Him might cause division in your relationships (Matt 10:35-36). Paul went completely against the wishes of his colleagues in order to obey Christ. At times obedience to God sets family members at odds with each other. Yet your obedience to God reflects your identity as His child. 
Get alone in quietness with God so that you understand what pleases Him. The world's thinking will mislead you more easily when you are not clear about what God desires.
If the desire to appease others tempts you to compromise what you know God wants you to, learn from Peter's mistake...(servant girl vs. Lord). 
Please your God regardless of the opinions of others."
-For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bond servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10