Saturday, January 14, 2017

to be a lover (seattle mission trip update)

(I'm going to write a separate post as an update of this new year at BSSM, so lookout for that post.)

It is our turn to put into practice all that we are learning here at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). We are now going from being receivers to givers. From taking in love and identity while in “face time” with Jesus to now loving others out of that place of intimacy with Him. So, here is an opportunity to take a further step out of comfort. Because, people transformed by love will do anything for love. “Lover” has become my occupation and I want everyone to know its benefits.

So why am I telling you this? Because you too have the chance be involved here… love on the people of Seattle with us. Since you won’t be going in person, send me. Giving is HUGE part of the Kingdom of God. If you are going to give then give joyfully and believe that what you give really matters because it does.

My total Spring Mission Trip cost is $700.00. As of today, I have $405.00 still to raise for the BSSM Spring Mission trip to Seattle, WA. I would love to get half of that withing the next few days with YOUR help! :) If you feel lead to give towards my goal I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for those who keep on giving! Pray with us over Seattle. If you have considered giving to get me there, here is the link to my account:
Apart from me asking you friends and family, I was thinking of creative ways to raise money and I remembered my time in Mexico. I remembered the multiple times that I’ve removed hair lice from my students, friends or random people in Mexico who needed it. I did it for free then but now here in the USA I will be removing lice to raise money for the trip AND at the same time help people get rid of an obnoxious and frustrating pest. It's a win/win. (If you live in Redding California, I would love it if you would simply share this message with your friends.)

Thank you in advance for your time, prayers, and support.
You are greatly appreciated.

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