Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spelling contest!

Our annual spelling contest was on Thursday the 25th or April! My class consisted of three levels: level 1-Milagros and Antonio looked at a picture and signed what it was, Level 2- Yahir Alexis and Juan Jose did word recognition, and Juan Jose, Level 3 Leticia, Isabel, and Ruben - I would sign a word to them and the had to finger spell the word to me. Winners were Antonio, Juan Jose, and Isabel. They all did great... I am proud of them all for their great attitudes whether or not they won. The rest of the school also did awesome! The other classes were at a higher level of spelling difficulty and also did awesome! I am amazed at these kids! They came here with little or no language and now are able to communicate, memorize words, even to read and write! God is so stinkin big and can work in any and all lives. I cant wait to see how God will use the kids that want to live for Him. There are no limits...

Pictures from my class:

Please pray with me that God raises up leaders here,Christ following leaders for the Deaf. Praying that our God grows leaders to go boldly out with the love Christ has lavished on us. Go to their neighbors, families and to the entire world and share this unfailing, unending, everlasting love. Praying that they will be willing to go where the Lord leads.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


2 students playing on my classroom shelf

   This month is not like any other, it is completely new. I will not be treating this month like the last. I wont be treating this day like yesterday. This new day is full of new promises, opportunities, and struggles. We welcome it all with joy.
   Every day here at Rancho Sordo Mudo I wake up and can not predict how the day will happen, how things will turn out. I know God goes before me, has already planned the day, and wants to guide me through it. Sometimes I just do not let Him... He is there but I am not seeking. With the fights in class, the time outs every 5 minutes, emotional toddlers and teenagers all in one room learning to communicate instead of fight, I gotta say it is easy for me to get distracted. And sadly because of my flesh and my wants I get distracted.
    I know God wants me to welcome all of those things and let him help me. When crazy life is happening I can look to Him for guidance, look to Him for power. Allow Him to work in and through it all.
   It is time to be quiet. I am enjoying just staying quiet. Looking for Him and asking Him what I should do, how I should respond or maybe I shouldn't respond. Waiting on Him to speak. Looking to include Him in every situation. He is teaching me to enjoy solitude. And it is so good for me.

Life is unexpected. One thing remains the same day to day... that never changes. You Lord cover me. You have covered our sin since the beginning of time, back in Genesis with Adam and Eve. Even after they sinned You Yahweh had compassion... Genesis 3:21 "And the LORD God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them"... all the way to the Passover with the disciples, sharing communion. (Mark 14: 12-25) I'm sure the disciples were confused not having the passover lamb on the table. It was not on the table because the Lamb was at the table. The same Lamb of God that John the Baptist was talking about as Jesus walked toward John to get baptized (John 1:29). Jesus covered us ultimately with His love on that tree. Wow.

We are covered.
Now we can walk boldly and radically in the promise.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hevenly Father You always amaze me.

I haven't wanted to update my blog because I didn't know exactly what to say. Whenever I would start to write something to let you know "my plans" it would change the very next day.
I am seeing things better, from His perspective... which changes everything. 

Well for a while now I have known that I am not going this July to Queretaro. That is one thing I know is certain. As much as I'd love to go and be there supporting Marisela I know I am not prepared like I could be. I have no doubt God would assist me and grow me in big ways if I went but wow I would not be as affective if I was just thrown into it.
I cant communicate fully with the little Spanish that I know. I do NOT want to mess up something so important and crucial because of miscommunication. The Gospel... is big and God is holy. Wow, a privilege and I need to have patience and not rush into things.  Now I am praying for God to give me all the right people and the right tools that I need right now in this moment.

So two options came up...
1. Radius International in Tijuanna,Baja California

2. Roca Blanca in Oaxaca, Mexico

Radius was my first choice... it is what everyone has been talking about and I know many good things about it. I even have a friend at Radius this year. For a while I never considered going there as a student myself until recently.

The second option I kept putting off and thought of it as the "back up... if I have to" but God changed my thinking... my heart. I totally was blind to what God was showing me. He was trying to show me this place but I was so interested in my first option that I ignored a big blessing. 
I decided to apply to Radius and see what would happen. I was really looking into Radius & finding out more about the program. I wasn't feeling anything sure yet... very unsettled and uncertain if it was right for what I was doing.  I still did not want to let go because how awesome it sounded.
Then I finally gave Roca Blanca a chance. I looked into it and was totally humbled by God. I realized how big of a snob I was and realized that I was not seeing with His eyes. Very quickly after I applied for Roca Blanca they replied and God gave me an overwhelming peace. He was showing me that sometimes the best way is not the most "intense" or "extravagant". He knows what is best for me... and that was my prayer. I prayed, being so confused, that You Lord would show me the best way for me specifically and God You know what I need. You know me better than I know myself and maybe Radius seems perfect but really another way is better. Oaxaca seems to be what God has for me. 

And well Roca Blanca is more flexible. A bonus. I can start the Spanish School in September and in October come home. Why would I come home? Well... very recently (like Saturday) my sista, Brooke, got engaged! She is getting married in November. With Roca Blanca I have the opportunity to go back to the states to be in her wedding and love on her then start school again in January! How perfect it that!? God has blessed me far more than I could ever ask for! He knows every detail and is amazing. I mean He didn't have to make this so perfect and maybe I would just have to deal with missing her wedding, but He obviously is a caring God. A God of relationship! He knows how much I love her. I think that just adds to God's rad-ness! More to be thankful for. 

Ok so I hope that is a good update. 

Oh, and I will be going to Queretaro. When? I don't know. And I think that is ok. 
I am learning to be content not knowing answers.
I am learning to be content when my plans get thrown out the window. I am content because His ways are so much better... so much more glorious. I am content because of His Peace.
 Philippians 4:19

He holds everything together.  

Here is my unique class! Every one of my students has their own story... completely different souls and are growing in big ways!
Praise God for creation, praise Him for children.
God give me the love I need, Your love for these guys that You have placed in my life.

Girls showing their books/ Ruben stud

Leticia & Juan Jose showing his book

Juan Jose pretending to cry... signing "crying"