Friday, January 15, 2016

It's been a long day... sore body and weak hands.

I just found this post, it was written last year in this same time while I lived with Mary. Haha. 
Yesterday evening and early this morning we at our home had a job to do. What was the job? To shovel dirt and rocks, to then take out the trash and glass mixed within the dirt, then to sort the rocks from the dirt by using a ghetto soil sifters out of plastic crates. Sorted out into buckets it was all carried from the top of the house to the back yard/bottom of the house (the house it on a hill…).  Carrying the buckets down the back of the house, empty the buckets, and come back to fill them up with dirt or rocks. While I had the job, this morning, of carrying the buckets back and forth in order to fill and empty the buckets, walking up and down a hill of stairs, Mary had the job of shoveling the dirt and filling the buckets/sorting through the glass and trash. Last night I worked with Mary shoveling dirt and rocks into the buckets… let me tell you my back is SORE. Why were we shoveling and moving dirt and rocks to the backyard? Well family of Mary is coming this week and the rocks/dirt was, for 5 months, where the car is supposed to be. For 5 months now every day someone has filled and brought about 4 buckets down to the backyard. It is was a BIG BIG dirt/rock pile. Well, we finished this morning around 10:45am… we must have started around 7:15 this morning. This is the longest day ever.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

whats up!?

*Putting up a page on Facebook on Health and healing- foods and aceites essenciales (essential oils).
There is information on the oils, my experiences, interesting recipes, and also access for those who want to buy young living oils within Mexico.*

It is in Spanish so, let your Spanish speaking friends see or know about it. Or if you know someone here in Mexico.
If you want to know more but don't speak Spanish or live in Mexico I can still help. Just let me know.
So worth it. 

Aceites Health & Healing on facebook and on instagram--> Aceiteshh

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Prince of peace

January of last year I was in a big transition. 
January of this year I am in a big transition. 

Both last year and this year God has shown me that I had kept myself in an unneeded situation. Both years I was staying in a place where God didn't ask me to say in... But I think that I stayed, unmoving for fear of man. Both this year and last year God has shown me he wants me to live in the freedom he has given. It was given, so why do I keep placing myself back into slavery? 
Fear of man is seemingly taking over. It is the worst! To please another over God... Fatal. 
Never ever do I want to fall into that, or go crawling back into that lie, that mess, that awful place. 
I will take freedom. I will let the freedom burst out of me. I will strive to keep my Lover, Jesus Christ in his rightful place. What is wise to God is crazy to the world. That is ok to me. 
He is the one and only, Price of peace. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

King of my heart. YouTube video/song

You are good, good. You are good. King of my heart.

Watch this video. Let God smother you! Let Him ravish your heart again.