Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey guys,

It is a new year and a new day and well... you know when you just don't know what God is up to? Yea, I am right there. 
While I am seeking His face, HIS heart, and listening, He just doesn't always show us all the answers. Cause, like, we are not and never have been God so I think that is how is goes. BUT He does show us what we need to see and right when we need to see it. (Or I miss it completely... yea it happens, didn't you know that??)

Here are some things I know- or I think I do:
I know I am cleansing out my body (not easy or too fun... yet, but amazing!!!). I know I am living on a small budget. I know I am looking for another place to live. I know I have a big heart for the deaf/Deaf to understand who they are and whose they are, for them to communicate with the world and communicate with their loving Father God in a growing healthy relationship, and to see them have passion and love to share with the world. I know I want to go deeper in my relationships (even if it hurts or is scary) and get to that lovely pit. I know that I want to learn more about God, more about holy Spirit, and more about Jesus... I want to be so in love with each and stoked to learn more about each. I know that I never want to loose my hunger for Jesus and if I start to then I know something has got to happen ASAP. I KNOW that just because I work with the deaf/Deaf now and live in Mexico- those are not who I am and I know that I do not want to be living as if they are my everything (did that make sense??). I know I am not only a "missionary" - don't even like that word much-- but have an identity in Jesus and that is what I want to live for.

There is SO much that I do not know, like what tomorrow will bring. Will I continue to live in Mexico in the future? And if I do stay, do I know where I will live in Mexico? Will I stay in Queretaro?  Will I ever be able to get residency or a work visa here? Will I want to stay single or get married? (Whoa) Will I get to open a house of prayer? And many many more...

I am walking/have to walk day by day with one this that keeps me going- being loved by God and knowing that He WANTS a relationship with me/us. Day by day getting to minister to God and trusting Him with my questions and for my needs, because just like you, I too have needs.I do not doubt the plans He has for me and I am stoked to see what is ahead.

I honor those of you that feel, hear, and/or see from Holy Spirit and act on it, obeying however crazy it may look to the world! 

Please pray about supporting people that you know, love, and believe in, even if it isn't me. Consistency is what helps so much. Also you those of you who DON'T EVEN know me and still want to support me, thank you.

This campaign below is, right now, the best way money can get to me. Donations to this campaign are considered to be personal gifts and are not taxed as income in the US
Soon I'd love love love to have another way for y'all but as of now I do not. And really it's more than that, right? You are investing into the Kingdom of God.
>>>> Almost halfway, kinda? <<<<

Keep sweet,

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