Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thank you thank you, you beautiful people.

I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you. I am always thankful for the people praying for me. I have to honesty say that is most important to me as support goes. ( if there is anyone who would like the prayer request emails I send out email me or Facebook msg me your name and email mopaigeblue@yahoo.com  Facebook - Moriah Paige Mcleod)

Today I would love to send a great thanks to all the people that are so faithful and give what they feel in their hearts to give... I'm talking about money yes. Thank you thank you.

Father God is teaching me, in this season, how to be generous. How to give and give and give. And when I think I have learned... He whispers " you haven't seen anything yet". It feels good and right. Just last week I bought two yogurts (yuuuuumay btw, totally the best ever) and walking home I drank one and was going to use the other (lemon) for a licuado at home. Well, walking home I felt Holy Spirit. Ha, fun. I knew the other yogurt wasn't for me. It was for my neighbor who lives all day outside and at night carries allllll of his belongings to a friends house and sleeps there then every morning comes out, rise and shine, and carries alllll his items/ sacks out to his cart. Anyways, him.
So I gave it to him and that was that. This is one example of giving. I had 2 and actually did not did 2, I didn't even NEED 1 but was blessed and able to purchase it.
So anyways... I am only sharing how fun it is and has been to give. Not bragging. Just realizing what you all who have given realize. It is fun to give. To give the best that you have! Wow, hard? So worth it. So so so worth it.
Freely You Lord have given. Freely now I can give.
I know this generous God has much more to show me and teach me. He is just getting started. So good, so generous! Show us Your heart Lord.

Ok, so, thank you. I appreciate all your joyous giving.

- Moriah