Sunday, August 14, 2016


$1,725 left to go for my BSSM tuition for 2016-17 that is so cool!!!!!
I thought that was a lot, but it really it isn't. Not at all.
School starts in a month and here I am in Redding, Ca already. Students have been coming in and keep on comin. It is hot hot hot here in Redding Cali but even with the heat it has been a great week and 2 days of living here. I am renting from one house for the month of August then come September will move down the street to be in a beautiful home with a beautiful family for the rest the year. My roommates have been incredible. We are all warrior princesses. Wow. Even when fear and death try to threat us and linger at night we can stand strong and discerning on Gods promises. We don't have any need to shrink back and down; we can walk boldly and fearless. Courage is our call. The armor of God is everything for us.

This house, this neighborhood has a lot coming, for it is the Lords. Miracles and salvation are at the doors of each household. People will be lined up at the believers homes and all over the place hungry for Jesus. Hunger will ripple out. Our hunger for more of Jesus will affect our neighbors and their hunger will ripple to the other neighbors and out to the outsiders. God's love extends and is spacious. He will not be boxed into a building on Sundays, he will break out whether the people like it or not, he is on pursuit and will continue to pursue.

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