Saturday, January 21, 2017

Health (come)/Candida (be gone) Update

Health (come)/Candida (be gone) Update-

You may or may not remember back in 2014-2015, my first and second year in Queretaro, Mexico that I came to realize (after the whole year prior in Oaxaca suffering with what I thought were the symptoms of worms) that I had not worms but rather Candida... which started me on a journey of healing my gut to get rid of the nasty symptoms that came. In trying to get rid of Candida naturally (with my wonderful herbal medicine that for whatever reason I never took as consistently as I needed to and the Candida Diet... which is pretty much raw low starch veggies , no sugar, no carby foods) I had about a 2-3 day detox/sugar withdraw. 'Quickly' I recovered and felt pretty great. Quickly, all the nasty symptoms disappeared and with them the candida. It has been a battle for the last 2-3 years BUT the past year all the symptoms have gone except for the pain in my abdomen/upper stomach area after I've eaten even the littlest amount of starch, grain or sugary foods. Honestly, I hadn't eaten raw veggies straight, for months like I need and want. 

Now, I am excited to go after this. And not only kill the Candida but also make it a lifestyle of healthy living, where I no longer choose what I once did and no longer give in to the crappy food just because it is cheaper. We are called to love others as ourselves!! How can I love others well if I am not loving myself (including my body/mind) well? Of course, there is so much grace and I am no strict person about this, but I sure have become passionate about feeling good physically everyday, feeling strong and not letting my cravings take over which frees me up.

It has been a journey of messing up so much and realizing why I want this. I get to live and make a difference. I want people to know that healing is available- soul, body, and spirit because of Jesus Christ. Your body doesn't have to control you, you get to control your body. I want to show the world by example.

 So, with that said,

I had just begun to read two incredible books (that have been inspiring me, so maybe you'll love them too):

1. Healthy & Free by Beni Johnson and

2. Think & Eat Yourself Smart by Dr. Caroline Leaf

and THEN, last Sunday I saw an announcement for "You Can Be Well" conference that is happening the first days in February. 

I have the opportunity to attend this upcoming conference here at Bethel Church BUT I do not have the extra funds to register to attend on my own. If you want to invest in this journey and HUGE area of my life... you are more than welcome. I appreciate you whether you give or not. The cost to register is $149.00 and it is from Feb 2- Feb 4... It is coming up quick!  I was motivated to simply ask. You may see me reaching out and pass on by but if you would think about the opportunity to invest and help a home girl out... I WOULD be SO thankful.  After attending the conference I plan to write more about my journey and give away what I can to those who are looking for health and healing that lasts.

Here is a small announcement about the conference

(Maybe you'll even want to take the trip to Redding to attend!) :

 Discover how you can experience breakthrough and positive, lasting change in your approach to health and wellness. This multi-day conference will inspire and motivate you to step into God’s best, as we unlock together the three parts of a healthy you – Spirit, Soul and Body! Featuring in-depth instruction and practical encouragement from medical professionals, as well as Bethel’s own teaching team, we invite you to join us for a life-changing conference that will cause you to leave with a whole new perspective on life – living in the promise that “You can be well!”

You can give as a gift through PayPal.
simply click this link

Saturday, January 14, 2017

to be a lover (seattle mission trip update)

(I'm going to write a separate post as an update of this new year at BSSM, so lookout for that post.)

It is our turn to put into practice all that we are learning here at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). We are now going from being receivers to givers. From taking in love and identity while in “face time” with Jesus to now loving others out of that place of intimacy with Him. So, here is an opportunity to take a further step out of comfort. Because, people transformed by love will do anything for love. “Lover” has become my occupation and I want everyone to know its benefits.

So why am I telling you this? Because you too have the chance be involved here… love on the people of Seattle with us. Since you won’t be going in person, send me. Giving is HUGE part of the Kingdom of God. If you are going to give then give joyfully and believe that what you give really matters because it does.

My total Spring Mission Trip cost is $700.00. As of today, I have $405.00 still to raise for the BSSM Spring Mission trip to Seattle, WA. I would love to get half of that withing the next few days with YOUR help! :) If you feel lead to give towards my goal I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for those who keep on giving! Pray with us over Seattle. If you have considered giving to get me there, here is the link to my account:
Apart from me asking you friends and family, I was thinking of creative ways to raise money and I remembered my time in Mexico. I remembered the multiple times that I’ve removed hair lice from my students, friends or random people in Mexico who needed it. I did it for free then but now here in the USA I will be removing lice to raise money for the trip AND at the same time help people get rid of an obnoxious and frustrating pest. It's a win/win. (If you live in Redding California, I would love it if you would simply share this message with your friends.)

Thank you in advance for your time, prayers, and support.
You are greatly appreciated.

Monday, January 2, 2017

communication: exchanging the truth inside

"If your heart, is governed by fear, then you are going to telegraph that through your body language, facial expressions, words, and tone. Conversely, if your heart is goverened by faith, hope, and love, you will release this reality through what you say and how you say it.
... if your heart is goverened by fear, then much of what you communicate is actually designed to hide what is really going on inside... fear of truth is the great hijacker of communication. When you don't have either the courage or the ability to face the truth of what you feel, think, and need, you end up communicating confusing and inaccurate information- sometimes even downright falsehoods."

Keep Your Love On -Danny Silk