Saturday, January 31, 2015

updated photos

I added some AMAZING new photos in the page photos/fotos. Y'all... I have become a skilled photographer while living here. Its real. There was a need to show you these...

OK OK actually there are a few I did not take, can't take the credit. :) 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


It is necessary to have time daily with God because that is why He created us, that’s what we were made for. It is the reason for the mission of Jesus, just to be with us. He has done it all to be with us, it is all we can do, a response to His invitation. It is necessary in a relationship to talk- to be honest, share your heart mind and soul with that one. It is not a functioning or healthy relationship without honest communion. We get to know one another through communication. Of course, GOD knows about us, but knowing us is another thing. Do we let God know us? Do we get to know Him, His character or attributes? That daily time with the One we love will grow love. To let someone get to know me, really know me and on my part to seek to know the other the same is to trust, it is to be secure and all in.
How beautiful that is, how privileged we are- to see and hear the mysteries of our Beloved and His desires. To be led by the One who loves us. He lets us in to see what He sees and hear what He hears. In spending time with Him we can learn to walk like Him and talk like Him. In those moments with God, those real, those honest and those hungry moments HE is changing US to be more like Him. It is a journey with Him going to new places. Along this journey with Him we are stretched and uncomfortable but He knows it is worth it. I see all that as a benefit.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


 Here is a blog that I had for a few years...
There are a lot of entertaining entries, a lot of my heart , and a lot of honest feelings.

take a peek  one example

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Semana de primicias

Esta semana, en la iglesia tenemos la oportunidad venir para orar y buscar la cara de nuestro padre, nuestro amado, nuestro refugio...
Estamos en el año nuevo ya  y tenemos esta oportunidad. Oramos por nuestra familia- la iglesia, la ciudad- los perdidos, unidad entre los cristianos aquí en Querétaro, y el reino de Dios aquí en la tierra! 

Estoy muy muy emocionada... esto es mi corazón. Quiero levantar peticiones, palabras de gracias, mi corazón, y más importante quiero mirar a Su cara cada día estar en Su presencia. 
La puerta está abierta, en estos días, en nuestra iglesia y creo que algo grande viene a Querétaro. Me gustaría continuar,  más que estos días pero que todos tengan el deseo continuar. 

Ready or not here He comes, King of glory strong and mighty. 

Hoy leímos salmo 24, 

"¿Quién puede subir al monte del Señor?
    ¿Quién puede estar en su lugar santo?
Solo los de manos limpias y corazón puro,
    que no rinden culto a ídolos
    y nunca dicen mentiras.
Ellos recibirán la bendición del Señor
    y tendrán una relación correcta con Dios su salvador.
Gente así puede buscarte
    y adorar en tu presencia, oh Dios de Jacob.[
¡Ábranse, portones antiguos!
    Ábranse, puertas antiguas,
    y dejen que entre el Rey de gloria.
¿Quién es el Rey de gloria?
    El Señor, fuerte y poderoso;
    el Señor, invencible en batalla.
¡Ábranse, portones antiguos!
    Ábranse, puertas antiguas,
    y dejen que entre el Rey de gloria.
10 ¿Quién es el Rey de gloria?
    El Señor de los Ejércitos Celestiales, 
  él es el Rey de gloria. 

Ahora es el tiempo, estamos buscando, queremos, con un corazón, Su reino aquí. Jesús ha hecho TODO para estar cerca , para que podamos estar cerca.

Que continuemos...

"Isaías ora por Jerusalén
62 Debido a que amo a Sión,
    no me quedaré quieto.
Debido a que mi corazón suspira por Jerusalén,
    no puedo quedarme callado.
No dejaré de orar por ella
    hasta que su justicia resplandezca como el amanecer
    y su salvación arda como una antorcha encendida...
Oh Jerusalén, yo he puesto centinelas en tus murallas;
    ellos orarán continuamente, de día y de noche.
    No descansen, ustedes que dirigen sus oraciones alSeñor.  

No le den descanso al Señorhasta que termine su obra,
    hasta que haga de Jerusalén el orgullo de toda la tierra."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We've got this friend

So we've got this friend and his name is Aapeter. I'm really not sure what he is. He comes around every night around 8/830. He is a runner and a jumper, all night on  the roof and outside my balcony. Aapeter has a friend too, she comes around once in a while and well... they play around outside. I never have seen or heard Aapeter out during the day but he has walked by while we were dining in the night and I got a glimpse of his tail. He sure looks like a racoon, by the tail, but still too small. It seems like a mix of racoon and opossum. Rowdy thing.
I used to sleep with the glass door open but that has changed... he thinks he can just come right on in and decide to stay in my room, no thanks.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey guys,

It is a new year and a new day and well... you know when you just don't know what God is up to? Yea, I am right there. 
While I am seeking His face, HIS heart, and listening, He just doesn't always show us all the answers. Cause, like, we are not and never have been God so I think that is how is goes. BUT He does show us what we need to see and right when we need to see it. (Or I miss it completely... yea it happens, didn't you know that??)

Here are some things I know- or I think I do:
I know I am cleansing out my body (not easy or too fun... yet, but amazing!!!). I know I am living on a small budget. I know I am looking for another place to live. I know I have a big heart for the deaf/Deaf to understand who they are and whose they are, for them to communicate with the world and communicate with their loving Father God in a growing healthy relationship, and to see them have passion and love to share with the world. I know I want to go deeper in my relationships (even if it hurts or is scary) and get to that lovely pit. I know that I want to learn more about God, more about holy Spirit, and more about Jesus... I want to be so in love with each and stoked to learn more about each. I know that I never want to loose my hunger for Jesus and if I start to then I know something has got to happen ASAP. I KNOW that just because I work with the deaf/Deaf now and live in Mexico- those are not who I am and I know that I do not want to be living as if they are my everything (did that make sense??). I know I am not only a "missionary" - don't even like that word much-- but have an identity in Jesus and that is what I want to live for.

There is SO much that I do not know, like what tomorrow will bring. Will I continue to live in Mexico in the future? And if I do stay, do I know where I will live in Mexico? Will I stay in Queretaro?  Will I ever be able to get residency or a work visa here? Will I want to stay single or get married? (Whoa) Will I get to open a house of prayer? And many many more...

I am walking/have to walk day by day with one this that keeps me going- being loved by God and knowing that He WANTS a relationship with me/us. Day by day getting to minister to God and trusting Him with my questions and for my needs, because just like you, I too have needs.I do not doubt the plans He has for me and I am stoked to see what is ahead.

I honor those of you that feel, hear, and/or see from Holy Spirit and act on it, obeying however crazy it may look to the world! 

Please pray about supporting people that you know, love, and believe in, even if it isn't me. Consistency is what helps so much. Also you those of you who DON'T EVEN know me and still want to support me, thank you.

This campaign below is, right now, the best way money can get to me. Donations to this campaign are considered to be personal gifts and are not taxed as income in the US
Soon I'd love love love to have another way for y'all but as of now I do not. And really it's more than that, right? You are investing into the Kingdom of God.
>>>> Almost halfway, kinda? <<<<

Keep sweet,

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pleasing God, pleasing others

Here is a long-ish quote from I'm not sure where, I had it written down in my journal and came across it right when I needed to... This is where I am at and it has been a LONG time getting here and a lot of learning along the way, making mistakes and struggling trying too much to please others first. I hope this is encouraging and freeing to you today. I take this for all relations, in and out of the body of Christ.

"At times you will have to make a choice between pleasing God and pleasing those around you, for God's ways are not mans ways. ( Isa 55:8-9) 

As important as it is to strive for good relations with others, it is even more important to maintain a steadfast and obedient relationship with Christ. Disobeying God to keep peace with other people is never wise. Peace with God is always paramount.
Jesus warned that obeying Him might cause division in your relationships (Matt 10:35-36). Paul went completely against the wishes of his colleagues in order to obey Christ. At times obedience to God sets family members at odds with each other. Yet your obedience to God reflects your identity as His child. 
Get alone in quietness with God so that you understand what pleases Him. The world's thinking will mislead you more easily when you are not clear about what God desires.
If the desire to appease others tempts you to compromise what you know God wants you to, learn from Peter's mistake...(servant girl vs. Lord). 
Please your God regardless of the opinions of others."
-For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bond servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10