Sunday, December 29, 2013

on You i will wait, for You will be my strength.

Here is a photo from the day of the wedding. This is a photo of the family I live with, I took the photo while we were waiting for the wedding to start.

Below are a few photos from my sisters wedding that happened last night. I cant believe it happened, Brooke and Zack are married... and it is about time! 

Father daughter dance

before the wedding us ladies praying with the bride

Here is a phone photo snapped while we were waiting

Before the wedding started

I've been in California since the 15th of December and it has been a whirlwind. So much has been going on. Things that are great, things that are sad and some just plan busy and crowded. My Nana died pretty recently, there was wedding planning and saving (our home was FULL of the decorations that you see above in the photos), my grandpa/pop is in need of a lung and is not able to breath, all our family is in town and we are all in each others space. It is fun. It is exhausting. It is emotional. It is sad. There are many tears, some sobs. There is a lot of uncomfortable and at times painful stretching,shaping, and equipping. And there is laughter. A time of going deeper with our relationships, deeper than ever before. Spiritually speaking, a time of going places unknown and a bit scary, but the whole time secure and sure. Trusting God when no one has a clue what is going on. Hopeful, hopeful more than ever. Realizing that it is OK to be appear weak, oh and maybe actually BE weak. He is the One that holds us together. Our Strength. Our Song. In every season. 

Well, keep sweet. 


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