Monday, April 13, 2015

Lider,Pastor,Padre,Rey,Novio,Roca,Amigo,Amado mio, Descansa, Refugio, y Paz.

Your leadership, it is perfect. I don't always understand your ways but it doesn't matter because your ways are higher.

Your plans for me are higher than I could ever imagine. What you have is good. I believe that You oh Lord are for me and in my surrender to You, You are transforming me and making me whole. This whole thing, this is a process with You. It feels a bit crazy at times but I wouldn't want it any other way. You know me. The privilege to be with you and gaze at your beauty every day is more than I could ask for! To be in your rest is better than life. I keep going because of You, You are my life and my love. That you would ever be before me, leading me on.
Oh, the joy of swimming inside of your blessings. You are an endless ocean and bottomless sea.


 Tu liderazgo es perfecto. No entiendo Tus maneras siempre... y esta bien porque Tus maneras son mas altas. Todo lo que tienes y todo lo que haces es BUENO. Me estas transformando. Todo es un proceso contigo como un viaje. Hay tiempos locos pero no quiero nada diferente, Tu me facinas. Trabajar contigo es un privilegio, mirar y contemplar Tu hermosura dia tras dia. Sigo por Ti, Tu eres mi todo, mi vida y mi amor. Guiame. Tus bendeciones son increibles, impresionantes. Tu amor es profundo y ancho. En Ti no hay fin. Gracia y gracia y mas y mas y mas.


But, I need more... there is always more in you. I know that you Jesus have died and LIVE so that there would always be enough. I am not satisfied with yesterdays bread when you have more still. Thank you for all that you have provided. Let me see me every side of you, I want to know each and every part of you. And you want to know us too as your children. Thank you for this amazing intimate relationship of going on further, deeper, and higher. It is a joy that has to be shared and made known.

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