Friday, March 6, 2015


MOM is coming!

mom + dad

In less than a week she'll be here.

I am grateful. In each place I've lived my parents have been able to visit... this time it is just mom but hey that's good! Mom will get to experience a little it of life in Queretaro, she'll understand because she'll have been here. Life here will continue but I am excited to have someone here who truly knows me, understands me, exhorts, encourages, motivates, and pushes me. Mom pulls out of me the hidden and the deep things that I didn't even know where there or care to look for. Gahhhhh I am blessed, so blessed to have parents that are supportive and more than that, they believe in me... believe in Christ in me. They believe in the work He is doing, and are trusting God with me. So thankful that they both have stuck it out in life and marriage. No one is perfect, obviously but they ARE children of grace and walking in that. Love them!!!

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