Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A book of good news 

Imagine jumping into the middle of a novel, reading a sentence, and trying to understand all that the sentence means without placing it in the sweep of the novel as a whole. That would confuse the reader, obscure the meaning, and insult the author.
The Bible is God’s autobiographical account of his personal rescue mission to restore a lost world through his Son. Every verse contributes to that message.
The Bible is not a pep talk. It is good news.

On my way to new adventures

While I am getting ready to leave for Mexico in August God is preparing my heart for whats to come... it is crazy to me how He works everything together. Sometimes, well a lot of times, I dont see it all... I dont understand the big picture. I am so glad that our Father knows and is stoked to show us!

 I get to love You through whatever comes.

What a privilege

That I get to love You through whatever comes.

Oh, how sweet it is