Sunday, June 14, 2015

 13 de junio// June 13

Tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of the congregation of CCQ here in Queretaro. We will be going to a pool to have the service, baptisms, food, and swimming.

I decided that I want to get baptized. I got baptized when I was a little girl and was stoked to do it but I feel the joy and the "yes!" to do it again, for real this time. I knew I wanted to for a few years now but had been putting it off and well, I feel like I cannot put it off any longer. What better place than with my family here in Queretaro. God has freed me from the bondage that I was tangled in, He has done everything to be close to me and all that I can do now is worship him and this is how. As I dunk and "die to sin and live in Christ" it is completely an act of worship. I get to freely adore him in the presence of my family/church body.  I am stoked!
I have joy bubbling up from me and will not hold it back. I get to express my love, the love that has been given to me.

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