Sunday, December 29, 2013

on You i will wait, for You will be my strength.

Here is a photo from the day of the wedding. This is a photo of the family I live with, I took the photo while we were waiting for the wedding to start.

Below are a few photos from my sisters wedding that happened last night. I cant believe it happened, Brooke and Zack are married... and it is about time! 

Father daughter dance

before the wedding us ladies praying with the bride

Here is a phone photo snapped while we were waiting

Before the wedding started

I've been in California since the 15th of December and it has been a whirlwind. So much has been going on. Things that are great, things that are sad and some just plan busy and crowded. My Nana died pretty recently, there was wedding planning and saving (our home was FULL of the decorations that you see above in the photos), my grandpa/pop is in need of a lung and is not able to breath, all our family is in town and we are all in each others space. It is fun. It is exhausting. It is emotional. It is sad. There are many tears, some sobs. There is a lot of uncomfortable and at times painful stretching,shaping, and equipping. And there is laughter. A time of going deeper with our relationships, deeper than ever before. Spiritually speaking, a time of going places unknown and a bit scary, but the whole time secure and sure. Trusting God when no one has a clue what is going on. Hopeful, hopeful more than ever. Realizing that it is OK to be appear weak, oh and maybe actually BE weak. He is the One that holds us together. Our Strength. Our Song. In every season. 

Well, keep sweet. 


Friday, December 13, 2013


Dec 1

I went to my first ever Mexican (Christian) wedding last night. It seemed that everyone from the base was invited, even the Spanish school students. My family and I were at home getting handsome and finishing up our wedding hair at 4 pm. The wedding was supposed to “start” at 4pm. We left the house about 4:50, arrived at the Roca Blanca base and waited with the rest of the wedding quests for about 20 more minutes. The set up was truly beautiful; so much work was put into it from many volunteers and Bible school students to make it happen. The whole wedding was outside on the grass right in front of the beach at sunset. In my opinion, the ceremony was lengthy. Here is a quick recap. The lovely couple walked down the aisle with the flower girls of course. Once the couple stood at the alter we all sang together songs to worship our Lord. Then Duane spoke to the couple and crowd about marriage and the Gospel for about 30 minutes. Then the couple said some vows (at this point I honestly was a bit tuned out waiting for the big kiss) and other traditional Mexican wedding things. Special people were called up to bless the couple; one married couple that was called up gifted a “lazo” which was put around the bride and groom. Others from the crowd were then called up to bless, lay hands, and pray. Then, I barely missed it, the kiss was as quick as a peck and that was that.

Ok, every wedding that I’ve attended the kiss is one of the most important parts. The kiss is always the moment we are all waiting and excited for. So I was there waiting in my seat for that kiss, as if the kiss is what makes them married. When all I saw was a little peck and not so much cheering I was confused. It did not stop me from clapping and hollering. When they finally did kiss I said a big halleluiah.

The in love couple walked back up the aisle and we all followed them. Everyone scattered to find an empty table. No name tags, no seat assignment, it is run and plomp down quickly. I closely followed my family to an open table and seats where we eagerly waited for the barbacoa. What I found while at this wedding was that every other person seemed to be related to my family either they were a sobrino, primo, or tio. In the whole night I do not think my smile ever left my face. I have come to realize that I am living with some amazing people. They are all wonderful to me and I am grateful for how they treat me like a daughter or sister, truly a family and with love.

Dec 4

Thanks to the Corbin Clinic and its entire staff we had the opportunity for the day to go on a “clinic trip” day trip. It was only this one day, sometimes they go for three days. We drove to Charcol Redondo which is one of the pueblos located along the coast in order to help with any medical needs. They knew we were coming and people signed up to get a checkup. We arrived around 10am, unloaded all the supplies and within 10 minutes it was all set up. The team knew exactly what to do with no confusion and with total ease. Another man and I were assigned to check weight blood pressure/pulse, and check the children’s temperature. It all happened so quickly, they came in two at a time when their name was called. After each person came to us they had to go out once again to wait for the doctor to call their name, once their name was called they went inside for all that  was needed. Before grabbing their medicine or vitamins they had an opportunity to pray with hermano Jesus, he was there specifically to talk and pray with them.

At one point in the day I went over to the dentist area to check out all that was happening and I ended up holding the flashlight for the dentist while she pulled out the molar of an older woman. Ok I have never enjoyed spit, blood, snot etc…well this was, for me, disgusting! Yuck! The dentist used her tools to dig (and I mean dig) at the tooth and gums. She used multiple tools in order to get underneath and shove the tooth loose. Let me tell ya, there was so much blood. I stood there trying not to make faces or at least not let the patient see the faces I was making.  I had to watch the whole thing because I was holding the light, making sure the light did not move. After much time the dentist got the tough tooth loose enough to grab the pliers. A few pulls (hard hard hard pulls) the molar came out when I let out a halleluiah! The hole in her mouth was deep and her pour gums where the molar was had stretched and was messy. Then she received a piece of gauze and walked off like it was no biggie. One tough cookie!

The last few hours of our visit I was assigned to pray. Intercede for the clinic staff and for whatever else I was lead to pray for. In that time I had the opportunity to talk and get to know a few of the patients that had been waiting for their turn all day, I enjoyed that time to get to know them.

Dec 10

My second session is coming to an end with three weeks between it and the third. These past few weeks I feel I’ve been stretched a good amount and I’ve been real with how I feel. God is growing me and making me uncomfortable but it is so good. No matter what season I am in, I get to praise Him because whether I feel God or not He is with me and is reigning. The One, who knows me, knows every detail of my life, good and bad. And His grace is truly amazing.

Soon I get to celebrate another wedding, the wedding of my sister and her fiancé. Celebrating Gods goodness and love with family and friends. Let me say I am STOKED.