Thursday, March 5, 2015

but a breath

 5 march 10am

I've been in my new place now almost one month. Still trying to adjust...
During the day when I am home, I am home alone. The other renter/roomie leaves for work everyday at 7:30 and comes home anytime from 730pm to 11pm. We hardly see one another. Since I am here most I thought I should change the home up a little bit... it is dark, without windows, and empty. Gotta bring some life to it. I am the only one here and I alone use the kitchen to cook. I am very thankful for a place however it may be it is something!

Its been about 2 months of a change of food/lifestyle for me. If you've been following my blogs would know i've been having body/gut/stomach issues. For a year I thought it was one issue when really it was something completely different and I found that I needed to change how I ate. Well, its been goin. It's been hard. A lifestyle of eating "poo" and seeing that it is harmful... for some reason we still want to eat poo-even continue to eat it?! Ridiculous but thats what we do. That poo is really really bad. Anyeays sorry for the "poo" term but its true. Anyways... its been a hard transition but soooooo much better. Its the Candida "diet"/paleo that I have been doing minus a lot of fruits that are too sugary and starchy veggies.
I started using Chia seeds in many of my meals. And after spilling water on the floor and not cleaning it up right away... I also spilled the seeds, ALL over the floor. You know what happens with Chia seeds + water. Chi Chi Chi Chia, not too fun.
But seriously changing the way I eat has been hard (I am surrounded by tortillas,beans,cheese,tamales,helados on every corner, sugar sugar sugar, mas y mas y mas) but I've seen great results already when I stick to the change.  It is a bummer to have to say no to the great foods but what has helped is bringing to go bags of the veggies,nuts,seeds, etc. while I am out walking or with friends so I have what I need. What am I learning most out of this?? Self control, integrity, and perseverance. Those are ALSO prayer requests constantly. So there ya go!

2 days a week I teach/converse in English with a few girls. They pay me about 50 pesos an hr. I am not necessarily doing it for money. These people have become good friends and I am constantly looking for opportunity to share my faith-hope and love with them. So  that's really my reason for continuing with them. I do not like teaching English and actually don't want to but its happening for something unseen and I want to give God the glory in it and do it for Him. That I can glorify Him in this, as much as I don't like it... i will like it for His Kingdom and do it with all of me. So that is happening right now, gotta go meet them across the street. Adios!

Not feelin so hot right now. I used to get migraines all the time and then they stopped. Well, its back. Lathering on my essential oils, sipped down some nasty spicy/onion/garlic drink and going to sleep!
Here comes the weekend and it doesn't wait for anyone. Lots happening. I am thankful, oh so thankful for rest. Through it all... There is a solid place, a refuge for my soul and I get to enter in.

Below are lyrics to The Gates, that I just LOVE- feel like posting them.

Did You say, 'seek, you will surely find'?
I am searching, Lord turn Your eyes to mine
But I'm weary, pacing at these gates
Jesus come, come now, don't delay

Like a child, ever faithful may I be
This I ask, God of mercy hear my plea
I have wandered with a soul impure
For this scorn, Father, send a cure

I come to You my one and only
I promise not to turn my eyes again
And yes I know we're but a breath,
But I wanna taste and see and feel You nonetheless
Yeah the years they keep on turning
And I'm battered but I'm burning for You Lord.

I wanna wake and feel Your glory
I wanna speak in tongues of angels for You Lord
I wanna sing a song eternal
I wanna trample on the curses of the earth
I wanna call upon Your healing
I wanna see the sick and weary be made new
I wanna swim inside the blessings
I wanna swim inside the blessings of the Lord

Have my heart, dry and dusty though it be
And these lungs; tired from calling out to Thee
Will You come now and make Your home
May we drink the cup of life and overflow

chillin in our kitchen... with a refri that doesn't work... worin on that.

a new friend Silvia. We get to talk about life and God- hurts, joys, blessings, struggles, overcoming and newness.

This is where we, most times, meet up. On a bench in the garden.

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