Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oaxaca is...

Beautiful. I cannot explain so well my feelings and thoughts so far.
Right now I am sitting in a cake/cafe with 4 other students(both married couples starting at level one).
I have heard from others that my home is one if the nicest and with great people. This seems true! I am blessed with running water and flushing toilets... Not all homes have that. I have my own room, a door (only one in the house), a window with a screen and fans! I feel so blessed. The husband works all day + everyday except for Sunday and wife works all day except Saturdays and Sundays. They have two girls that are the sweetest. They always stare into my room when they walk by and wave at me... Whenever I come back home from being out the little one runs up and squeezes me.
Trees are everywhere giant and small ones... They look waxy and fake but are beautiful. Butterfly's are all over the place along with mosquitos. I have not yet walked down to the ocean but can see it... I hear it is warm and the sandy shore goes on forever.
The Spanish is constant, it's only been a few days and I've spoken and listened a huge amount. Yesterday I went to a hotel with my neighbors and their kids to swim. We swam from 11-5pm with a short lunch break in between... I cannot say enough how grateful I am to meet people that are welcoming and loving even with my struggling Spanish. I am grateful that God know me and exactly what I need. I am thankful that He is with me wherever I go and I am thankful for Holy Spirit alive in me working and speaking.

Well I haven't talked about this much so it's a lot and all over the place! This experience is so different than anything I've ever done... I'm alone but I'm not. It is good.

 I am praying Proverbs   3:21-24 and trying to memorize it.

 Keep sweet guys!

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