Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The weather here for sure has a mind of its own. Since Monday its been freezing and windy... really reminds me of this beach camping place I grew up going to with my family Jalama Beach California in the winter. Its super windy and super super cold at night. But a few weeks ago it was hot enough to wear shorts! So crazy! In class we are all freezing there is no insulation so we have gloves on, more layers, and hoods. I guess its not totally bad... its not like it snows here. But for someone who has grown up with the weather only going down to 30 degrees, its cold. But i love it.

So I think God brought a little friend to the ranch just for pure joy. This little puppy dog with no official name just showed up. The boys dorm has taken it in, but I am totally open to babysit... anytime! I love it!!! Its a German Shepherd mix. I need to get a picture and post it. Adorable dog and just squeezes into comfy positions to stay safe and warm. It follows around the dorm dad Ray during the day while he works. Today I prayed when i woke up to just have love notes from God throughout the day. On my way to class early this morning before breakfast I turn the corner and the puppy is running towards me! Exactly what was needed! I got to hold him for a bit and that gave me joy for the day. Yahweh has been attentive to me. So simple and meant so much.

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