Wednesday, March 23, 2016

HELP fund my first year

Help fund my first year at Bethel school of supernatural ministry.

Come on!
Help a sista out.

This is from God because I know before this I would not choose to return to the USA very easily. All is prepared and my ministry reponsabilites here in Queretaro have been handed over to other people within the team who are trained and ready to take over. It has been clear that now is the time.

So all I get to do is share with you so you have the opportunity to support me and I get to trust.
This summer I hope to get a summer and possibly fall job where I can use Spanish and sign and any other skills. Pray for that with me!!

Love you guys!

Go here to send money >  Link for money support for Moriah

 Search for my name (Moriah Paige McLeod), and click on the Tuition link and follow the prompts. No tax credit will be issued as tuition payments do not qualify under US law.

Hola!!! Si me quieres ayudar (en dólares solamente) con la tuicion de mi primer año de la escuela Bíblica de BSSM, usa el enlace ahí ^^. 

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