Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Better out than in

Hello! Thought I should say how things are, a little update. But first here is something fun that happened on the 17th, my day of traveling:

We were late to the airport (well not late but not within the hour instructed, they told us) and the workers needed to search my THREE bags and quickly. I kept hugging my Mexican family and they kept hugging me so that took more time. But because I was "late" and all the luggage was already under the plane they quickly took my luggage and put them all on with the rest. Because I was late they didn't charge me extra for the weight (which were for sure over the limit) or for theTWO extra bags I carried with. (I didn't end up realizing this until I got to Mexico City. I am thankful for sure. I was fully expecting to pay for all of that. )
Then once in Mexico City because of my THREE big bags, I needed help carrying then from the carasul to the buses (a far far walk down the airport terminal). I actually I made sure to have hired help. I found a kind man who helped me the whole way and wheeled my bags down to the waiting area, gave me a stool and told me to wait here ha. He cut every line and then put tags on my THREE bags and took care of them under the bus. Once again I didn't pay for the THREE bags. Wow I was stoked. And I didn't kill myself trying to carry everything alone.

Later I found out that both my parents had prayed that morning for someone to guide me straight through.

Any here I am today August 20, 2014, I've been here in Querétaro for 3 whole days. I am living with an amazing faith filled family of all women who have been so good to me.
This morning around 3am I woke up with stomach pain, the kind where your not sure which end it will come out... A scary thing. I spent hours on a couch close to the bathroom. Not so great. I was given "bitter tea" and told to "drink this". Yea, bitter is a correct name.  Whatever it is that was inside of me, it's gotta go. This body is not havin it. No. It is done with worms and parasites, this body was not meant for those critters. It is meant for something higher, it has a better job than to host unwelcome critters. This body is meant for glory. This body is made to host yes, but host a Presence. Presence of the Living God.

Wednesdays here in the home LSM classes are given for free. This evening that's what we will be doing.
Friday we will be going to the town Amealco to teach sign language to town kids that go to church with their parents. We will also be teaching them about the Bible, what is it? why read it? And visiting more of the people there that are deaf.

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