Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A rising fire

I had been living, for I don't know how long... in a misconception of Your love God. When I understand your love I get to love and accept love.
1 JOHN 💙💙💙 is where I'm at right now. 

I thank You God that we are DIFFERENT that is SO OK. I am sorry for criticizing YOUR creation. I am so sad for how I've seen people. It was so subtle that I didn't even notice it. Without patience and with judgement, I had unknowingly, been in agreement with satan by putting the pressure and shame ¡¡¡that Jesus removed!!! back onto Your children (and myself). Jesus freed us all from all condemnation and here I was, not seeing hope or calling out the wonderful callings in people but rather I criticized... 

I have now decided to step out of agreement with the schemes of the devil and my old flesh to step into freedom. If am healed and I am now light which is my new identity and I do not act like it, that is my own fault and I won't be able to shine so others can see. So I walk forward in the bought freedom and gifted grace. 
I know God wants to use me in people's lives to speak LIFE and HOPE... It's so obvious that is it a passion you've put in me but I have consciously decide to walk in freedom to help others walk in freedom. My hearts desire is to speak life and wholeness and live under an open Heaven. I am called to walk in the Spirit, not try to be Holy Spirit.  I repent of acting like I can ever take the responsibility of Holy Spirit.  I don't get to be critical as I am NO judge. I am just as guilty as any other, but legally and powerfully excused.

I have come to know is that Love is oh so powerful. This is what brings us change. Lover, You find us and You mend. Here and now, You mend. I want to see you JESUS break out and heal. I want to be used by you Jesus to see generations break into freedom and purity. I will speak life and not death. 

God you make all things new.    
Renew my patterns and thinking. You now, are within me and all around me, there is no place for guilt or shame in your Kingdom. Hallelujah. We are the free. 

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