Friday, May 6, 2016

What's up this week

My moms here this week.
I could NOT have done this without her (for reals, I would of given everything away to go back to USA with just a back pack to not worry about all of the things.. Which really isn't too much, mostly clothes and books). I have now... 4 bags. Wow.

We have packed it all up and are just enjoying these next few days, seeing friends and saying goodbyes, goin to parties and resting in a hot/cockroach filled house. (It's city life and sad but true about the cockroaches... Awful things.)

Ready to do this, get on the plane and figure out new steps. Trying to use English correctly and remember simple nouns that I can't seem to get ahold of.

Well worth it, every bit of emotion and dedication here. It's all worth it.

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