Thursday, August 4, 2016

Moving on up

Great is the Lord, praise His name, praise His name!!!
Hope of all the nations, Light shining in the darkness, the Light for all the world to see.

In less than 24 hours some of my family and I will be getting into cars and driving north towards Sacramento, California and a bit further up still till Redding, California. I've been to Redding multiple times but have come back home after a few days... Now I'll be staying put for the school year.
Ill be moving to a place very close to church and school, walking distance even. I'm super excited to be surrounded by a healthy group of leaders, teachers, and spiritual family. I want to learn so much about living a life of revival... Fire in the dark. Warmth in the cold. Called to love and seek purity.
And it starts here and now.

This summer has been amazing. So much of the unexpected has happened. I'm not complaining one bit. I have been delightfully surprised at little things in life. I have had great time with family and friends and I started to get plugged into such a sweet and dear church family- Anthem along with Jounrey congregation. I didn't expect to get plugged in and accepted so much. I LOVE that it happened. In these short months I've had great times of prayer together with many, encouragement from spiritual leaders. I decided to "play" a lot more and let go of unhealthy fear and obligation so, this has turned into a restful and playful summer.
I am transitioning from a season in Mexico of work work work, church ministry and lots of growth in leading others to a time of resting and stepping into the position to learn  as a student instead of teacher.
This is a time of discovery and thriving. A time of letting go heaviness and becoming light and unfolding into ME. Stepping into ME.



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