Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cinder block walls

 Wow, this week has been a busy and  hard working week, a lot has been accomplished in just a few days! To accomplish so much, here at Rancho Sordo Mudo this week we have had the opportunity to work with people from Missouri starting an awesome project. The group of about 14 arrived on Saturday Night and are leaving early this morning.  The week flew by!

The end goal for this new project is to tear down the two (very old) class rooms then build two new ones with new walls, flooring, and electrical. The old class room walls were made with cinder block... not ideal for the class rooms. So Monday morning Amber and I helped the group with the process because they are/will be both of our class rooms eventually. Amber, her class, and all of her things are moved down to Refugio/the gym where she will teach this year. I am in the old 4th level class room where Erin taught last year. I am only in here for 5-6 months. In 5-6 months the first class room will hopefully be finished. When it is all finished I will move in and it will be the Kindergarten room! When that room is finished they will start the same process on the room I am in now. When they finish the room I am in now (maybe the summer or next year?) Amber will move in and it will be her 4th level class. So with the group on Monday we had to move out everything from the old Kindergarten class and put it outside on the grass. My job was to decide what I wanted to keep in the for my class room or put in the distribution center. Amber had to do the same with the other class, everything she wanted the group helped her bring it down to Refugio/the gym for her class. By Tuesday we had everything in our temporary class rooms but boy it was a mess! Our directors said everything outside of our class rooms needed to be clean by Friday for when the parents come to bring their kids, the students. So finally yesterday (Friday) I got my class room organized.It is starting to look like a class room. I have to say though, it is difficult trying to get posters on the cinder block walls... they do not want to stick!

I am ready for school to start! Well I want it to start but I am not sure how ready I am in teaching... that part is still a bit tricky. This year for sure feels better already knowing more of what to expect, more than last year when I was completely clueless! I could have between 3-8 students this year.


PRAYER! Please.
for this year
for the new students
for the returning students
for the parents
for my hands to bring God glory and  for the kids to clearly understand what I am trying to communicate
for their minds to open up and absorb & want to learn
for the kids to know Jesus & know the love of God

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