Monday, August 29, 2011

Lord I Love You

What do i love?
-  I love that You are ALWAYS faithful.
- That His love is unconditional.
- I love that you created each one of us different. You did imagine us before we were ever born and i am what you wanted. You love this broken person.
- I love how you care for all of us. No one has less love from you than another.
- You love us even though we don't always love you, even though we continue to sin and mess everything up.
- Abba I love your creativity. All your creation screams how holy You are.
- I love the sky You created! The sunrise early with the morning air, the beautiful sunset i get to see every evening before i gaze at the night sky thank you for the stars
Lord I love You
- I love that You give me peace
- I love how you whisper to me softly and kindly when I'm hurting to remind me Your here
- I love when you correct me when I am wrong Not angry, always patient and loving
- I love Your Presence
- I love that Your grace is enough
- I love that I can just sit with You, never have to say anything just get to be with You
Lord I love You
- I love how You already have won
- I love that You amaze me leaving me speechless
- I love how You inspire us, give us dreams for Your Glory
- I love that You know me better than anyone, even better than i know myself
- I love that You take me as i am broken and worn out, beautiful to You
I love The Holy Spirit alive in me
 Thank you


  1. Ans I sure love you Moriah and all that God is doing within you!

  2. God created YOU Moriah so very special. Blessings, Honor and Glory to Him, the Most High. He will never leave you nor forsake you One of many promises. Praise Him all our days, We Love you dear one, Nana