Friday, August 26, 2011

clean clean clean

Yesterday Olivia and I had the jobs to clean our own classrooms and also I needed to clean the teacher office/library. Boy was it dirty! My elbow grease skills came in handy for cleaning the walls... thanks mom.  Loads of bugs including ALL kinds of spiders, stink bugs, cockroach, flies, gnats, and pincher bugs. Anyways, I actually did have fun cleaning, getting to dance around and sing. I did get a bit distracted by the amount of books. the ranch has some awesome Christian books that have been donated!

Anyways we cleaned the rooms a lot this week. We also sweat a lot this week... it been in the hundreds here since Sunday. This after noon Eddie is taking us on a $20 dollar tour of Ensenada. Ha he is making lots of money off us. Oh but he says $5 for children, which are not here...So we are gonna see where good places are to do laundry (if needed for some reason), eat tacos, the best gelato, and a bunch of other random things.
Should be fun! Maybe I'll have pictures

Tomorrow we all have a free day. Which means we can go anywhere for the day. Were all going to the States to buy things and just get out for a bit. Olivia needs to buy a table and dvd player.We both don't have cars here so were gonna hitch a ride with the other staff.


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  1. Dad and I laughed after reading this. We agree that you probably did more dancing and singing than cleaning. We love you so much, our free spirit!