Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creature Fear

      During the day here its been very very hot. The heat makes you not even want to be outside. Its the kind of heat with strong hot wind blowing that gives you a head ache if staying in it too long. This is the kind of weather that makes you immediately regret not drinking enough water to start the day. It is the kind of weather that attracts bugs inside to any place that is cool which happens to be our homes. For instance today, from the corner of my eye i saw a fat black dot moving across my floor when i turned to look i saw a giant cockroach creepin around my floor.

     But you forget about those cons and they are nothing compared to the evening. Why? Because around 7 pm the best part of the day takes over all the bad is forgotten. You cant remember anything about the bugs, headaches, or sweat because the joy you get when you step outside takes over. You cant help but to fall in love with everything around and the awesome weather that God has given. The heat, ya its stinkin hot but i feel that He makes it so hot in order for us to praise Him when the night is cool and beautiful. He made it so that in the evening we can appreciate this amazing feeling. The wind has turned from dry hot air to cool breeze that makes you want to stay in it forever. And the stars that are out are incredible... I don't see stars like this in California where i live. This is something else, you can see EVERYTHING. The sky is full of His handiwork! I would lay on the cement and gaze all night. I love Mexico.

I don't know if i have taken the time to thank God for letting me here.  Seriously, He knows that I love Sign Language and the Deaf community and being here in Mexico but that doesn't mean that He had to let me be here... I could be somewhere else doing something totally different. The fact that I am here and able to use everything i can for Him is so cool, such a privilege. Its a big deal, this is all for Him, these kids/students are all His and I am going to be teaching them (with others teachers) about their Creator and basics to learn so they can go out on their own in the world to help others. Its not going to be easy at times i know but i think its just rad that God is letting me be a little part in His sweet plan.

OK, now im rambling.

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  1. The nights in mexico sound so amazing! It reminds me of our balcony sessions and us scooping stars up. Im so inspired by your blog momo! God has put you there for a reason and I'm so happy for you! I love you! Skype me when you can! xoxo