Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My truth timeline (for now).

This is my foundation and continual building/growing-timeline of truth. 
From what I recall in my walk with God. This is how I experienced Him. From glory to glory. I wrote this out to see where I have came from and to where I am going. This is what I've tasted and seen over the past 6-7 years in the USA and in Mexico as a missionary and back in the USA. It will only get better. I will keep seeing different sides of His face. Some of these truths came while reading the Bible and other times it came listening to a song, in the quiet, in class, on the beach, in my tears, or while dancing... He is faithful and in our closeness I see more of His beauty and who I really am in Him. Written in order...ish..

God is good (my first encounter) I am a mess and need him

Came to know His Mercy and grace (Met him AS Mercy and Grace.)

Jesus saves and has made a way

Surrender my ways and make myself a willing vessel 
Thankful heart

Reverence and awe of His holiness

Service to others.

Abide in Presence 

I hear from God and He hears me

Provided for 

Contentment always 

Cling to Jesus (Presence) 

He knows me and sees me


Knowing him as my Help 

God heals now 

Victory over sin

Holy One 

Gospel mindset shift/revelation  [jesus redeemed the world AND there is more... he saved us for us so we could DWELL in the Kingdom of God to be close to God always... Salvation AND sanctification. The Gospel wasn't intended to only save us but also to keep us close...Jesus's death and resurrection ALLOWED us to see and live heaven here and now, we can walk in all the victory that Jesus has. His victory is our victory] 

Surrender my dreams and/or idols (keep no one/no thing) in his place. Hold it all loosely. 

God is not afraid of our mess. He can handle the truth. He wants to KNOW us. All of it. 

Intimacy with God (from that place everything flows)

No shame 

No rejection from God (no fear of rejection)

God hates religion and slavery  

Obedience (even if hard and scary) 
Obedience = freedom 

Use the word "NO". Guard your yes. 

Emotions are not scary, so feel and give them to Jesus.  (it's ok to feel and express it all to the one who loves and knows us. We can cry. We can say "I'm tired", we can let go of knowing or performing. 

We don't have to try we don't have to strive. We are enough and loved.

Waves of freedom (to be)

"Faith is spelled r.i.s.k"

Pursued hard and loved, sought after (Pursuer)

Know Him as Provider King (myself as Royalty)

Mindset shift- poverty to royalty... coming from a place of lack and never enough to abundance and "I died that there will always be enough"

Perfectionism gone, performance to please and fear of man gone gone gone  

(Real) honor isn't demanding 

Boldness and fearlessness 

As a child of God, I am a prophetic person 

My voice is powerful  

God actually likes us... He died to be close. He is interested in us. Don't ever think he isn't interested.  John 3:16 
The world needs me to be ME (I am made in his image and will reflect him like no one else can)

I am a creative being because my God is creative

Shifting the atmosphere (in freedom, purity, and love) with dance, music, art, food, education, etc. 

Dreaming again

Renewed strength 

God has given us tools to be powerful people (not victims/"powerless") and brave communicators in our relationships and businesses

Signs and wonders were meant to follow the believer (we don't seek after them but rather they follow us naturally) in every sphere of life. 

Walking in purity and power (word and power) IS possible and our call. You need both and not one over the other. 

Jesus' face is home. Seek him and you find yourself.

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