Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Romiendo el silencio//breaking silence

OK I tried to fix this... but hey its not really my thing, so these pictures are all out of order BUT I wrote a description below each. 

 This campaign was put on by our team CCAS and with the help of many people/groups. The campaign name is "Rompiendo el silencio" or "Breaking silence" and we want to inform the people where we work in Amealco (where there are 273 noted deaf), the city of Queretaro (2,448 deaf) and the state (7,178) of the need for LSM, education for each deaf person and that they are valued, loved, and pursued. Many people have no idea about the deaf or how to help. It is fun to share with the people the passion, love and hope that we have in Jesus.

 And we are part of an association!!! So cool! (more details later)
We are working out thing out like out vision, mission, goals, and more as CCAS. Its a lot of work and a bore sometimes but completely necessary.

This joven and his family came at the start of the campaign and stayed for it all. A group of youth came to support us and gave out toys, clothes, and blankets. I think this guy was stoked.

The girl on stage (Andrea) and I switched off interpreting for the campaign. The cold REALLY affects signing... and it was cold.

Here are some of the youth we teach/mentor Fridays... this is not the campaign. Isabel, who is Deaf is in the purple eating her cookie. :)

Back to the campaign. Minutes Before the event we passed out flyers all through the center. The people came and went.  (thats how you gotta do it, instead of hours or even days before we tell the people minutes before because if too early no one will come and it if forgotten.)

Isabel sharing her testimony, life before communication/LSM and before becoming a follower of Jesus.

Our team and other volunteers from our church.

Some of the last raffle prizes. This man was in charge of the sound for the event but participated in all.

More of the youth from our Friday Bible study.

Sharing how life is being deaf in a family of all hearing people and also sharing life as a sibling or father of a deaf person.

OK this girl is AWESOME... my friend from Oaxaca, Valeria. She left this morning for Oaxaca. She was a huge help while here and knew LSM already (from my workshop last year in Oaxaca )so she taught our Deaf students math. And thanks to God she wants to continue working with the Deaf in Mexico as a doctor.

At the campaign. At the end we passed out warm clothes and blankets that were given from a youth group.

Ok maybe difficult to see... the acting/drama ministry from our church joined us. Here is part of one short skit.

A youth group played games with the crown and entertained... bought time while we were waiting on other people to show up.

Here is the acting/drama group and another skit.

Clothes and blankets donated.

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