Friday, November 21, 2014

God, Your goodness good good good for Ramon.

God you are not limited in your ways... every part of you is good and true.
I make limits, we limit ourselves but you know just how to break those. You enable your children, you give us all the tools we need to succeed.
Normally on the bus I try to not to listen to music/ use my headphones in order to leave room for conversation with the people around me. I have loved listening to music on the bus, if you didn't know already... city buses are not the most pleasant places and are quite painful/bring out the worst in us/produce lots of motion sickness/its hot/smelly/etc, but I decided to change things up and use the opportunity to shed some light and love my fellow passengers. There is a need to create the space to talk with the hopes of sharing the love of God with them... each time I wait to see what opportunities arise.

So today I hoped on the bus right away after my Bible classes and sat down next to an older gentleman and pulled out my phone thinking I was going to use the opportunity to finish my book, I thought wrong. Today it didn't even come across my mind to talk to the man, I was only thinking about the book that would use to distract myself from the bumps, jerks, and all. BUT the LORD is GOOD and still shook me out of my own agenda. Woke me up out of my "me me me". The man next to me pointed to his wrist and doing weird gestures that I did not understand. The first thing to come to my mind was my tattoo showing on my wrist. I pointed to it and answered "yes, its a tattoo." The man shook his head and then realizing I too speak Spanish he asked what time it was, correctly without gestures. Then he did ask about the tattoo. My tattoo opened the door to explain about God, His nature, His character, His love and Jesus. I told Him how much God loves Him and wants to know Him. The man was open so we kept on talking...

We talked about religion, mostly Catholicism here in Queretaro. I shared how following Jesus is freedom and life unlike rules to follow and pressure to be perfect. The man told me that he knew that to be a Christian one has to leave a lot/let go of a lot. I told him that was true, there is a cost to follow Jesus but He is everything we could ever want or need...from death we gain new life. As we are fully surrendered to Holy Spirits desires we are transformed and no longer the same. I shared what I let go of to follow Jesus and how sometimes it may hurt but it was completely worth it.

We talked about our names and it was clear he did not like mine too much. He told me he will stop by soon (as we found out we are neighbors) with a list of other names and I can pick one... right. He kept on calling me Maria and each time I told him that is not my name, thank you. My name is M O R I A H. I said it slowly and even told him what people can call me- Morian o Mory but not Maria. I told him my name is Moriah not Maria and I dont want to own the name Maria, it is not mine and here it is associated with the virgin Mary. (Everyone here who can not say my name decides, "Oh its like Maria." and I say "no, no its not".) I asked the gentleman his name and found out it is Ramon. I asked Ramon "Ramon, your name is RAMON should I call you Rob, Rolf, Robbie, Ray?... no I should not. Your name is Ramon so I will learn how to say Ramon." He told me that he is "too old to learn my name, its too difficult"... thats a bunch of bologna. Then he kept on with "Maria" and I kept on with "Moriah". My name means "God is my provider/God will provide" I said and then Ramon quit calling me Maria. (we'll see if he brings over that list)

I asked Ramon about his kids and family so we talked about them. He said He wanted to come by and visit us and talk more about this. After a bit of sitting there I decided to dig a bit deeper and as the next question came out I dont even remember thinking it. I have never asked this question or phrased salvation this way before but it came out like this- "Have you sir, taken the hand of Jesus?"(That's a new one for me...while exiting my mouth it sounded so foreign to me, weird.) Ramon shook his head and did the known gesture here in Mexico for "wuss". As I watched his hand it came as a surprise to me. Hes scared? "Scared? Noooo." I said that it is more frightening living without Jesus, it is cold without Him, and it is lonely. I think what he meant, now thinking about it later was that Ramon is scared to give up himself, his "rights" for Jesus and the way. He is scared to trust God. He did also mention how he has done too much, like- how can I come to him like this?? I shared with Ramon that it is OK, we can come to Him. We let go of our past and our hurts at the cross of Jesus, He will do the healing. It is a beautiful love story. Ramon didn't talk too much after that, I knew he was thinking. In that silence was when I had the chance to pray quietly. I prayed for his life, his family, and most of all his heart. That Ramon would long to know God, to know the Holy Spirit, and to know Jesus. We shook hands and I got off the bus.
I am so so so sooo thankful for Your intervention God. I wasn't looking for the chance but You were and always are willing and You stepped in. You are faithful. I didn't read one word of my book. That is OK.

I pray for the seeds have been planted by others and seeds planted by me. I pray for the eternal truth today that we talked about. That he would feel, taste, and see Love. Because You Lord are, and always have been. Calling us back to You.

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