Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A wedding, Iguana, + more Iguana

1 March 

We went to another wedding tonight, a catholic wedding. I'd say it was an entertaining and joyful wedding, more joyful than the first wedding here in December. There was "dancing", ya I guess you'd call it that. The bride and the groom danced with each other then with just about everyone. They each danced with the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, great aunts and uncles, the whole gang. It was hilarious. It was obvious that the poor groom could not dance (Later after we arrived back home Julio, one of my house parents, reenacted the groom). The groom did this hop/bounce with each partner, it was embarrassing to watch, almost painful but I couldn't look away.  The whole time the partners would look off into the distance or glance at their feet awkwardly, it was the longest dance sesh.  At one point I spotted a cockroach crawling down the back of one of the male partners. The whole time he had no idea whatsoever and the cockroach continued to crawl during the dance, ha.
My Mexican family and I had arrived late (or just on time) so we missed the ceremony. When we did arrive the music was blaring. Imagine late night club music with English lyrics, the kind of music that would be played around 3am for the late night party animals.. and there we were at 7pm sitting looking around at one another not dancing.  Most of the time I was busy entertaining myself with people watching. This wedding was unique... I dont know exactly how to put it to words, but if you ever get the opportunity to go to a Mexican wedding I think you'll have an interesting time.
Yesterday we ate Iguana. Julio "hunted" it Thursday (really he hit it with his car, on purpose or not I'm not sure) which I guess is bad because it is illegal to kill the Iguanas but people seem to keep on eating them here in town on the down low. I have to say I feel bad but it tasted so good with tortillas, cheese, and avocado.

2 March (Family day) 

Well we got  a call after church from Chacalapa, where Delia's dad and step mom live, they were going to prepare and eat Iguana tamales. The family knew how I wanted to eat Iguana tamales before so they made sure to call and invite us over. We hopped in the taxi after church and drove here... so there we were in Chacalapa making tamales de iguana and tamales de pollo.
I had the privilege to watch Delia's step mom kill a chicken, that was fun. I wont get too detailed but she had a knife and slit things quick and easy. For about 5 minutes it drained (while it drained a duck came over taking advantage of the moment and sipped up the blood, that was lovely) then she brought the chicken over to hot water, plucked the feathers and cut it up into pieces. Just a few minutes before it had life and now well its pretty dead, super dead.  This reminded me of one day in Baja California at Rancho Sordo Mudo killing a few roosters blast from the past. This family is set on food for a while with all the chickens, roosters, and ducks running all over the place! I had a wonderful time helping the women make the tamales and also had just as much fun sitting back to watch them work together. We sat around a table with a giant pile of tamales to eat. The poor animals were yummy.
Around 8pm after we had watched "La Sirenita" or The Little Mermaid we got back into the car and headed home. Us girls in the back seat with a blanket and a few pillows for the drive. Moments like that I want to bottle up forever. It was a good, sweet moment. In a car at night with the windows rolled down, cold air coming in and blowing all around. That is my favorite.

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