Saturday, October 12, 2013

You call me + I come running

Tuesday Oct 7

Last night once again I went to the weekly devotional on the Roca Blanca Base. The man leading worship started singing out the heart song, the same heart song we are all crying out. We kept on singing out around His holiness, glory, + honor. Part of the time was only instrumental which I enjoy because then I am able to sing out all that God puts on my heart, able to pour out all that is inside straight to Him... in English, Spanish, or Sign Language. The leader was talking about decisions by faith + we sang out "I will go" + after he asked for people to come up if they wanted prayer as they say to God "I will go". During this time people were continuing in worship + the band was jamming. At the time he first said it I did not fully understand what he was saying and so I asked my friend Pamela + she shared with me what was going on... + I stood there for about 3 seconds and thought "well I want to say that again, I want to make that proclamation once again and show Him/tell Him my love for Him." So I made walked up to the front and this joy, inexpressible joy came over me and laughter. The leader went around one by one to each person asking for prayer. Once he arrived to me he put his hands on my head + prayed out loud. I prayed along with him out loud my own prayers + at one point I felt Holy Spirit in me say "let it out" + an out cry came but like a release of I dont know what... at the same time that I started to express this cry the man also praying gave out the same out cry. It was like our voices raised but not screams. No words just voice. Then he started speaking in tongues over me. At the same time one of the founders of Roca Blanca Sue put her hands on the back of my head. After this happened we kept on worshiping. Sue, who doesn't know me or anything about me, hugged me + said "I dont know where your going, but your going."

I feel this is true for all of us that are here, in this sort time, we are sent. We are called + going for His name + for His glory.  I dont know exactly what God has next for me, but whatever it is, it is good because He is good!

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  1. You are precious. Thanks for the reminder that it is not scary to follow our savior, he is good...all the time.