Saturday, October 5, 2013

Here in Cacalotepec, where Monday-Friday I go to Spanish School on the base, there is a Bible School and a Music School Mission Base. Check it out!
The Spanish students also get the opportunity to communicate with all of the students on the base through out the week. A new bunch of (Bible) students will be coming in December for another year of learning. Yesterday I got to meet up with my friend, from the Bible School, Pamela. Her and I both desire to pray and so we did! Yesterday we went to the prayer room on the base with our worship music and praised Jesus our Bridegroom, praying for the youth, and for our families. We read Ezekiel 37:1-14 and just stayed in His Presence giving God His glory.

Lately God has been teaching me eternity... Setting my mind on things above and with that also a lot about Biblical fasting and how much they go together. How it is a part of normal Christian life... Matthew 6:16 Jesus said "When you fast" (not if you fast) it is meant to occur in the normal course of any disciple's life. He is teaching me that this is our glory. It is our glory to say "no" to the fleeting earthly pleasures that surround us in the here and now. God has given us an opportunity to choose Him on this side of eternity, above all lesser things. Fasting is more than denying ourselves food. My friend Pamela gave me a book all about fasting called The rewards of fasting and I highly recommend it!

School life
There are two more weeks of class for this session and then some folks are leaving and some of us are staying for the next few levels. 
Yesterday we went on a field trip to the former capital of the Mixtec Empire (from 800 to 1522)-Tututepec. We toured a museum and a Catholic temple then walked down a long street into the neighborhood where there was a fiesta! I would say we crashed their party. We did not know them and they definitely did not know us. Some of us ladies even danced with the local women of the party/gathering. They had live music and lots of food! While leaving they tried to stop us to stay and eat with them... we could not stay and said our goodbyes and took off back to Cacalotepec.

We are still without internet on the base but this is working out just fine here in Rio Grande.  These days without internet are refreshing for me, I am able to spend time with the people and get to know my host family. Yesterday I ran with Cathy my "aunt" along the beach road and around a big grassy lawn. She is the one person I have gotten to know the best so far, she loves to give me fun hair dos.

Well that is all for now... pretty random stuff. God is great and comforting every single step. He shows me what I need to do in the moment and is preparing me for things to come!

Keep sweet!

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