Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In my face! Prayers answered

School starts up again tomorrow, second session. New students have arrived, we all ate tacos together Friday night and I have a small opportunity to learn about them. How the tables we put together it was a giant banquet table, so I couldn't talk with everyone, but it was a nice gathering. 

While praying over this new session I am praying for new. Not expecting old things to repeat themselves but see what God has for me this time around. Also I am praying that we, as Christ followers and the body together, can build one another up when things get tough and when we need encouragement. Praying that it will actually be normal for us all to stop, if needed, to take the time to pray for each other. And I am excited to see how we will grow in learning the Spanish Language and grow in our relationships with the people in town. 

I wrote this ^^^ Oct 27, 2013 and today was our second day of classes and God answered some prayers within the first 2 days! 
- New, praying for the old things to not being repeated necessarily...well so simple but the fist day of class I found out my classmates were not the same 6 people that I loved learning with. At first I did not see the new set up as a great thing, but now I realized it was an answer to prayers. There are only 3 of us in our class now, one man that took level one 3 years ago and is now continuing level 2. It will not be the same but I now am looking forward to what we will bring each other and what God wants to do with us. ALSO!!! What I am stoked about... one of my classmates Arie said we should pray for all that we are learning and trying to memorize. I just about jumped out of my seat... maybe I did. I said yes I think that is a great idea. He said we could even come like 5 minutes before school and pray over it all. So I wrote down 3 prayers that we are now praying and I tapped them to our classroom wall to remember. We will be putting up anything we need prayer for or want to pray for... 
so that was quick! 

We have a lot a lot a lot of memorizing to do and well I have a very difficult time memorizing. Not so fun, but it is all worth it. 
Praise God who knows

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