Tuesday, September 17, 2013

sea- sun- see- son-

 Here is whats been going on... sorry to just throw it at you but I have 9 mins until my taxi comes.

Here in Cacalotepec, Oaxaca have been experiencing rain/wind/a tropical storm which caused the power to out last Tuesday around 7pm until the next evening. The internet went out last Monday and is still gone because the woman who is in charge of all internet, on the base, is stuck in another town. She is not able to get back to the base because a (major) bridge collapsed. Without internet it really is OK, I think just maybe we will all survive...

The power came back and the storm blew away for Sunday night/Monday Independence Day. Here in Cacalotepec (Sunday night) the people gather for food,music,dancing, and a pole climbing celebration. The pole is greased and the macho men try to climb it to grab the prize on the top or they slide/fall off and back to the ground. A lot of the church people seem to not go out for the event, but my family did go for a bit to see the 4 fireworks. My family includes the father Julio, his wife Delia, their two daughters Tali and Dana, and the aunt Cathy. Then they have a million other family members all within the city...  seems as if everyone is related. Julio is a taxi driver and Delia works the finances at the Roca Blanca Base. Cathy is in school to be a hair stylist and has been (trying to) teach me a thing or two. They all love laughing at how I roll my r and love to drink sugar dumped into coffee every morning and night. The girls even drink the coffee and will cry if they miss the opportunity to drink it. I am so confused why they give kids sugary donuts and coffee before they sleep...

Last weekend I noticed a weird rash/bug bites under my arm. They got a lot worse and last Monday I decided to take a visit to the clinic. Well they said I needed to take antibiotics and use a special cream and it looked like whatever it was turned into an infection. I've been doing both the antibiotics and cream let me tell ya it is still pretty gnarly, but a whole lot better. The medicine has sucked out the infection that was spreading (with bubbles...sorry gross but true). So I am still praying for healing. This thing is nothing I have ever experienced before.  It is LOVELY!

So much more to share but gotta go,
Keep sweet!


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  1. thanks for keeping us updated! Glad the infection is much better :)

    - Joy Michelle
    The Joyous Living