Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a few photos

out the window, coming into Oaxaca.


hey... its my window!

... fresh

Just finished my first full day learning Spanish... yesterday was more of orientation. 
And it is pouring out, again. Most of the grass is flooded. In my opinion its pretty full around here with the water, seems like by now it should stop. Hey, what do I know!? It just keeps comin + comin. 
We have about 20 people in the school here, 10 just from level 1. LOTS of homework. I am glad that I actually want it... and I can focus always on what I am learning and living out.


  1. Thanks for posting pics!! How is the Spanish coming? and communication with your hosts?

    Praying! Love!
    Joy Michelle

    The Joyous Living

  2. The Spanish is coming! I am able to use it everywhere after I learn from class I can see it coming together. The classes here help a lot! With things I never understood before. My hosts go out of town a lot but the sister in law is here and I get to talk with her.

    Keep sweet!