Monday, May 27, 2013

Wrap it up.

It has been two solid years in Baja California serving at Rancho Sordo Mudo. I had no idea what I was getting myself into coming here and boy did I grow in every area of life. Honestly, I could stay comfortably watching these kids grow up and pouring into them. But God has called me to move. This step is pretty big... I am going to a place that I have never been. Stepping out on the water and going out to the unknown where I need to rely on God more than ever. I want to constantly be stepping out deeper,constantly into the unknown. Not on my own or all just about me, myself, and my own strength but about God and because He is so good, His grace is so sufficient and He never fails.

Long term vision
-Study Spanish (8 months at Roca Blanca in Oaxaca, Mexico)
New blog [Investigate more here]

-Teach sign to the church community
-Teach sign to the deaf in the community
-Establish deaf teachers
-Disciple the deaf
-Raise up leaders among the deaf
-Train the deaf to be pastors
-Establish a reproducing church among the deaf
-Remain until this is all done

I will be representing the unreached people group- the Deaf of Mexico. Let me be your bridge , it is my job to represent them to you. I would love to talk about this more with you. Would you help me by sending me?

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