Saturday, November 17, 2012

let worship be our song & our lives


What has been happening here at Rancho Sordo Mudo...
well this morning the Joshua Wilderness group left at 6:30am. They came here on Monday and we a great group of young people! I had the opportunity to really get to know them, learn about the students more this year than last year. They got down to business right away and started working... they worked hard everyday and Thursday went to the Baja 1000 in Ensenada (every year this giant race happens through Baja California and it is something to see!) It is really nice to have other people here that I can talk to and its even cooler when we are the same age! The kids LOVED them also! The staff helped the kids talk to the Joshua students and the Joshua students asked us to help them talk to the kids. Our kids wanted to talk to bad they would act things out, gesture, and write words or draw in the sand. Friday night all of us together in the auditorium worshiped our God. Amber interpreted into Mexican Sign Language and two students from the Joshua group vocally lead worship and then we said our goodbyes.

Every evening the group had a meeting, time together, devotionals, a game, or hear Luke speak. One of the nights they met together the De La Rosa's gathered the group... they talked about how God has been working in their lives and told how they came to the ranch. Robin asked me to share a little bit about how God is providing for me, she also asked Olivia, Johnny/Amber, and Jason to share. Some of the students are really interested and I had an opportunity at a different time that night to talk with a few of the students more about life here and what they could be praying for.

Something cool, yesterday evening (Friday) I was surprised at dinner Daniel Griffes walked into the chow hall. For three years in high school at The Bridge church Daniel led us students on trips to Mexico, trips down the street to our neighbors, or in cities close by. Whether we were in our country or in another he taught us how to serve, how to love others before ourselves, how to work as a team and encourage one another following Jesus's example. I was so excited to see him and He was excited because he saw both me and Stephen Burns, who was here with the group from the Joshua program. So today we got a chance to talk all about what he is doing in Tijuana at Radius and I shared more about my class here. So good to see friends again and really get to talk and know what each person is doing and how God is using them.

Well, God is providing the money I need to be here this year. I have no reason to doubt or worry because He is faithful! Last night during the worship I started to pray and give thanks... I put my hands into my coat pockets and felt more than just my chap stick... I pulled out a $20 dollar bill wrapped in a piece of paper that said "Moriah God will  provide" and I put it back in my pocket and started to laugh. He is so good.
As I am writing this in my classroom God is showing me His faithfulness again, right this minute. Two minutes ago Daniel came back to say goodbye and passed me money... I did not expect that at all and am so blessed by people again and again. Just when I think I am doomed and that people will not reach out and help with money I am proved wrong. All my beliefs and judgments are thrown out the window. Instead I see so much love.

I am praying that my life is lived for God, totally surrendered to Him. I want to live in His Presence, know Him, & know his voice.

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