Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wow I guess it has been a while...

Well let me just start by saying how excited I am that my friend from home, Rachel, is now living in Mexico also working at Ninos De Baja like 10 mins away from where I live! Last Thursday her, Katie a dorm mom here at Rancho Sordo Mudo, Dory and I got to go out for tacos. Katie and I were planning on going to a worshp night with the Ventanas, which is a program down here that's like a disciple/missions/college program and we brought Rachel along also! It ended up being a super awesome night of worship and discussion. A couple who are missionaries down here Sean and Tricia Cates were there and just started talking about how God led them together and their relationship with Him and with each other and the trust in it all... it was sweet. 

Also the Joshua (BIG) group, of around 70 people is here from Hume Lake until Saturday. They are here helping serve, they split up into groups and are doing different work projects for the ranch. Such a big blessing! They are all energetic and a fun group of young ones my age and some a little older. Two of my friends from back home and church are in the program so I get to see them both! I gotta say seeing people I know is a bit strange... I dont really know how to react. I mean of course im stoked to see them but its strange not being able to hang out and sit down and chat its strange that I am working and see them a few times only.  Anyways its a blessing having them her, i love having more people to talk to.

What else has been happening.?? hmm Oh! I got punched in class yesterday! That wasn't too fun... we all learned from that though and moved on. Some days are more difficult than others.

God is reminding me daily that even if I could sign completely clear to the kids with no problems and make a ton of rules in class I still can not control the kids. I cannot change them, I cannot change their hearts or minds. I need to give it all up to God. He can. He will make them understand and change. Nothing I do. If they understand its only because of God and His love. So please be praying that they will see. That they're eyes are opened and they have a passion for Him.

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  1. wait.. what? You got punched in class!!! that makes you brave twice over - for enduring it and for facing the class again the next day... i do respect you! and yes it's so true that the students' hearts belong to God alone and he alone can change them :) you're so encouraging, keep writing and sharing! :)