Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joy rises in my soul

Well Olivia left for Thanksgiving with her family this morning... in Oregon. Which leaves me to step up and teach the class for the few days shes not here. I am so excited and motivated to teach . Yesterday we had some issues in class, another fight. BUT today is a new day. I am learning to be a lot more strict and discipline when needed not just sit back and let things happen. So this is new and im learning so much.  Also my family is visiting from California! I am super excited to be with them.

God You knew I'd be teaching alone this week. You knew Olivia would be leaving and I know that You believe I can handle this. So I will step up with Your love in my head and heart swirling round. You, my Teacher will guide me! I am so thankful I have help and You... the One who created us all and every circumstance is in control and holds us. Full of Your Presence. Bring on the day.

Theres no place I'd rather be, but here in Your love.

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