Monday, October 24, 2011

So good so so good to me

First of all I just tried and orange with some nutella on top... let me just say everyone needs to try that. Wow AMAZING...

Today was my first time teaching, with Olivia on the side to control random quarrels. Every Monday now I teach. Olivia and I are trying to do a team teaching thing. This is so new to me, I have never planned a class, made the rules, or had to get creative ideas for the kids to learn. So different for me...
I do love it so far and the kids are defiantly teaching me to have patience. I really am learning so much about each student.

Today was a good day. Just a bit of the normal issues with the boys... distractions and goofy self's.  Olivia planned out the week already, which was awesome, so i taught what she had planned. They are learning vocab words from a story with Donald duck in it... and to remember the words they have to draw pictures to match with the word.

A few days ago I was praying for patience with them. Just to love them no matter what their attitude is towards me and to just be there for them. I happened to stumble upon a blog and the bloggers post really spoke to me. The blogger is teaching in Singapore and has learned a lot of wisdom about teaching. For example one thing that stuck out to me was...

"Wash their feet. Show them the full extent of the Father's love. Go the extra mile. Wash the feet of the ones who would betray you and who would rather you dead. Though you be their leader and not their servant, wash their feet. Good day, bad day, impossible day—wash their feet. Forget yourself. Love them. Make yourself small. Make yourself redundant. May they forget the channel, seeking only Him. "

So today that's what I did. After break once they all had their snacks I asked them If they could please take off their shoes and they sat down lined up and one by one I got to scrub their feet. They were very giggly at first, were a bit shocked, and some confused. And I explained to them why I was washing their feet John 1-17 Jesus now shows his disciples the full extent of his love.

I told just told them that I love them and I really want them to know that I do really care about them no matter what. At that time I didn't want to tell them what to do I just wanted to serve them. So it was fun and they had a good time. I am thankful that God choose these kids to be Deaf. I'm so glad because if they didn't get the chance to be here then they would not learn about God. He has a plan for everyone's lives...and its way better than anything I could ever plan.

Keep sweet

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