Monday, October 17, 2011

our God reigns

ok so sorry... I'm really bad at this blogging thing. I'm more of a journal girl. I like to write my thoughts on paper. So a lot of things I have been writing in my journal and have not had time to blog them... just fyi

Its crazy to think Jesus walked this earth. It seems like a tale or a dream. But its totally real 100% true. And i was thinking the same rain that has been falling the past weeks is the same water from the beginning. the same blue sky (except they didn't have the bad ozone crap).  The sky i fell through, when i went skydiving, is the same air Jesus breathed. That is awesome.

Wont you dance with me oh, Lover of my soul... to the song of all songs
romance me oh Lover of my soul.

that would be such an amazing dance. I gotta say.
in heaven does God have time to be with us one on one? Or maybe we will only want to worship him and that will be enough...
I want to just dance with Him, oh that would be wonderful.

Its weird to think that what goes on now, these years are the most important years that are shaping me. things that i do or dont do... habits i make. I hope when i grow up/older i feel thins in love with God. I pray that i remember this love. That He continues to show me daily His love and its new and exciting everyday. I want to remember all that He has done for me and all that He was gotten me through. the good and bad.

All forever God keep me burning keep me burning with the fire of Your love.

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