Saturday, September 17, 2011


We plied into the big red bus at 9am chilled by the morning fog and breeze and we were off to Ensenada. All the kids so excited to finally get new pairs of shoes: one nice black pair for school and a pair for church. Their feet were just about pushing out of the old shoes. Today is extra special for the kids since the shoes are free for them. A group from the states comes once at the beginning of the school year every year and bless the kids with this opportunity.
I am so thankful that God has provided this group to faithfully come every year no matter what is going on. They are always able to support the ranch and have money for the shoes. The group gets money donated for this day every year. Such a blessing! It really is great! If you think about it that is a lot of shoes and a lot of money!
We split up into boys and girls. The boys got off the bus first and went into the shoe store. While us girls, Eddie and a man from the group went to park the bus. We did a little detour and went to the park. Eddie knew the boys would take a while... So the girls played for a bit. After being here for about 43 years Eddie knows the best ice cream/yummy Gelato. The man from the group bought us all some! So so so good! So then we walked a few blocks back to  the store.
Then we got into groups and picked out the shoes they wanted. Any kind. Only rules were that one pair for church and one closed toe black pair for school. Mexico has some different shoes here... they are made differently and just not what we have in the states. Then again we are very spoiled in the states. The kids were so excited for their new shoes. They all had the perfect size for their feet!
The people from the states told Olivia and I that we could even get our own pair. So we picked out some. It was very very fun day! A great experience for everyone!

When we got back to the ranch and had lunch. Enchiladas yum yum! Thanks Juanita!
Awesome day!

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