Friday, September 9, 2011

black out

Yesterday around 4pm there was a total black out here at the ranch. It was a very interesting experience. Actually we found out that even in San Diego it was out and Palm Springs. During dinner in the chow hall it was hard to see the conversations with it being dark. Luckily lots of staff have flash lights. I happened to have many many candles which lit up my whole living room, so fun!

One downer I think i have mentioned before... it is hot here in Mexico. Hot hot hot. At night with no fans its a sweaty night sleep. Many of us staffers were tempted to sleep outside, and i would of if the bugs and mosquito we not so bad at night. Actually 2 of the female teachers set up a tent and camped outside on the gressy lawn. It feels much much better at night outside then it does inside, but you suffer with the bites in the morning!

Oh and my freezer melted... water was dripping all inside melting. So i out a trash bag underneath the freezer part of the fridge. It was very interesting. Olivia and I went to check out the girls dorm it was pitch black and they were sitting huddled together watching a cartoon movie on a laptop, so fun.

It was a great night to stargaze, well every night here is a great night to stare gaze, and dance around in the grass. Perfect time to spend alone with my Creator and seeing examples of how much He loves us by the awesome art He made just so we can enjoy the starry nights.
Waking up to find my lights working was an amazing feeling. I thought how not fun school would of been for us teachers and the kids sitting in a stuffy hot room with smelly kids. I'm so thankful the power came back on this morning. We now have working fans and swamp coolers. Praise God!

The kids today in our class were full of energy, full of goofiness! No fights broke out. Unlike yesterday one boy gave another  boy a bloody nose. :( not fun. Today was finally a good  experience. OH and while going on our normal bano trip we found a scorpion!  A little guy. The boys loved it! And we caught it and out it into a jar for the classroom. By the time we got to the classroom Yahir was holding it and so excited, we showed some of the other classes. Then we held up the jar to find it on its back haha probably was shook to death.

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