Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ABC 123

First day of school came and went, second day came and went, and now the third day of the kids school is finished. The first day I had no idea what to expect... I thought oh yeah it might be hard but its going to be so much fun and the kids are going to want to learn! Well I didn't think about what would or could really happen. I came in wanting and hoping to see the students excited to learn and thinking they would be easy to teach. Boy was I wrong. I was a bit scared the first day. In our kindergarten class the first day there were only 5 students... and that was overwhelming!  Then yesterday we got another boy, more to come but the first month or two they still trickle in. We are suppose to get 7 or 8 more.

So far we have Esmeralda ( the only girl at the moment) this is her second year in the class. She is a funny one kind of shy. Mario, this is his first time at RSM he is mute. He hears and sort of understands Spanish and is learning LSM with all the other kids. He is a very very sweet kid. Mario likes to learn and it helps that he knows the Spanish language. Saul, who came yesterday, he started here last year for the first time and is back! He's really smart and knows a lot of signs. He like to help the other boys and show them the right answers. He acts tough sometimes but is a softy.  Then there is Mr. Yahir bossy boss. He is the cutest 5 yr old I've seen! So lovable, he is so stinkin smart! If only he would not get distracted so easy by everything, but I guess that's a 5yr old. He is the youngest of the class , but feels the need to tell everyone else what to do. I think this is his second year in the class and here at the ranch. Its a love hate relationship with little Yahir. He is adorable but is a loud hyper one and totally dramatic and acts like a prince. Sometimes he teaches the other students and acts like the teacher, very funny. Then there is Jesus Daniel. I think has had a stroke or something a few years back. It made an effect on half of his body which isn't the same as the other and does not work as well but Jesus Daniel also is smart. He loves to finish each activity and finish it well. He does not like to get up and leave while he is working on something. And when he has to he gets very upset and sometimes cry and sometimes is difficult.  He is sensitive about a lot especially when Emiliano the 6th student is picking on him. Emiliano is also a very smart kid. He actually might move up out of the kindergarten class and into Olivia's class. Both Emiliano and Jesus never stop fighting. The first day wasn't too bad the the second and third were very bad. Jesus got pretty upset being teased and laughed at by Emiliano.

WOW they are all so different and all have different needs, but they all need to learn their language and learn about life just like any other kid except they are deaf/mute and much much much much much more easily distracted! Let me tell ya! Some of the kids in the class will just zone out on one person. That person happens to be me a lot of the time. I look over at them and when they should be paying attention to Amber the teacher they are staring. You cant just snap at them or wave a hand in front of their eyes, ha it doesn't always work.
One boy, Emiliano ,  loves to see the other kids get into trouble and seems to love everything else but paying attention to me or Amber. The first day I felt like it was impossible to communicate with him. And remember these kids are not used to being told directions or discipline. Some are treated badly so that is a big part of why they act badly.   Its hard to explain unless your here or see it for yourself.  Yes Emiliano does have to be in the corner a few times because of flipping kids off, he does have to sit apart from the other kids because if he didnt then he would break out into a fight, he does need one on one time to focus on one subject, he does have a bad attitude towards anything he doesn't know how to do or towards people telling him what to do and seeing him act like this makes me so sad.  BUT he also needs to be loved.All of the kids here at the ranch need it. Loved so so so stinkin badly.

"There is a love hidden inside your borders just waiting to be free, there is a hope waiting to be realized." Us as staff, family, & friends need to be praying for those who are lost and have not seen the truth. Part of me just wants to give up on him if he really doesn't care and its only day 3. That is sad.  That is the opposite of what he needs. Im sure many people have given up on him and others already and that is the last thing they need. If we gave up on the people who need God then they would never know love. Aren't we here to share His love-" And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.." Mark 16:15 When I cant give out love I find myself praying for God to and also teach them what I cannot. And I know what he does. He loves us more than we know!

I was wrong thinking that they would right away be fine with us showing them the right signs, words, rules, and what life is about why we are here. I was wrong to think for a second that they would be perfect angels. No one is and as these sinful beings we all need the love that Jesus freely gives. He will give us strength when we are weak. We gotta rely on Him for everything. Desiring to act independently springs from the root of pride. John 15: 5 "Apart from Me, you can do nothing"... that is, nothing of eternal value. We are His image bearers!! What a privilege.

.“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declared the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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