Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Everything has changed

Until yesterday I had been avoiding thoughts about leaving the states and how going to Mexico for a few months would be. I guess I will not really know until I am living there and experiencing it how I will feel. But still maybe I was trying to avoid my emotions...but these emotions I have need to come out, they were created by God for a reason.  I am very very excited to move to RSM. I can not wait to get to know everyone and grow so much with my walk. However... at first I was feeling a bit scared thinking that I am so young and not experienced with being on my own or knowing certain "skills".  I didn't know how the people I would be living with would react. I realize finally that my age doesn't matter one bit. All God wants of me is to be willing and motivated by love, His perfect beautiful love.  If anything, it is better this way. Maybe I can be more affective or relate to the kids, obviously He has me here for a reason and I do not want to doubt Him one bit.  Now I am embracing my age and not letting it get to me. Sometimes satin uses stupid worries of ours to get to us so we are not affective for Yahweh's Kingdom. I will not let his lies reach me any longer. I want to be used for God and he knows it. 

Highlight of the week:
Meeting my roommate (well on e mail) Olivia! She is from Oregon and this is her first time being at the ranch. She is doing the same job as I am... which is assisting the teachers, kitchen, oversee children during free time and during meals, teaching chapel, and work programs. We get to switch off the duties and figure all that out.   We are both arriving the same day the 20th. She is flying in and I am driving with some of my family. Its going to be fun and interesting. She is Deaf and this is great she can teach me to be better at ASL and her and I can learn LSM together!

Last week I had the chance to got to RSM with a group from my church The Bridge and visit and our new place. Its so cute and Olivia and I get to add our own flava to it! I really do love Rancho Sordo Mudo. While we were there a few of us girls got to clean the boys dorm bunks and dust a bit. We had the chance to pray specifically for each bunk bed for the boy in each bed. Getting to pray for someone before you meet them is so cool. The concept that you can really care for someone and love them but even don't know them is strange yet its so sweet.

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