Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fear will stay under HIS feet. We will be overcoming warriors.

[Here this is, if you relate then good.]

No joke, I did not sleep last night.

I thought I was just physically uncomfortable but I realized that I had a lot of stuffed emotions they ended up coming to the surface.
Last night trying to sleep felt like the Princess and the Pea (story) but as an emotional "pea" not physical.  [If you haven't heard of this story I suggest you look, it was a great one growing up.] I ended up crying and after I cried some and really felt, then I slept for the remaining 2 hours. I am back in the USA after 5 years. I've been here for almost 4 months and that's the longest I've been back. The past two years in Queretaro were especially unique where I only called/Skyped my fam once in a while in English and a few times had (the deep) conversations with my Pastors in English.
After living in another country/culture that not your own for any amount of time (especially where English is NOT the first language spoken) can be tricky.

Long story short... I am completely in English now and I feel lack (big time) with Spanish. I had a huge worry/fear before going to sleep last night that I would 1. forget Spanish  2. forget and loose all my experiences/testimony from my time in Mexico.

This was not the first time this has happened. And its funny. I laugh at it because the enemy is trying to attack exactly where God will use me and make HIS name great.
The enemy only comes to kill, steal and destroy. He is scared.
Closer and closer I get to being me the devil is threatened. I will use Spanish, I will use it constantly and I will be INTENTIONAL in my pursuit for it. I will speak about where I have been and I will continue to share stories about my life.  

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