Friday, February 26, 2016

InterVarsity LSM

Just last Sunday I made a connection in the city with a group called "compa". They are young people who are Christians from all different churches and all different universities. They each, in their own schools, have opened Bible study/outreach groups to reach the students from their colleges/universities.
It is the same organization as InterVarsity.
(I actually just heard about this group while I was in California a few weeks back and I was amazed at all they were doing on the Channel Islands Campus.)
Well, last week God brought me to this Mexican group of young adults, that I didn't even know existed! FUN, isn't He?

They ended up asking me to teach them all LSM.
THAT IS a good good plan to me!

With each of them in different churches
each of them on different campuses...
that can help a whole lot of people.

I like that idea. Working together to reach the not yet reached.

The Deaf community here in the city is big and growing.
Many of them are in the universities and super smart. Thanks to a big Deaf community.
These new students of mine will reach and enter into places that I cant go. THAT is the point of the body.

So, today is the first time and I hope to not only share Deaf culture and LSM but also my history, love for this people group, and passion for them too to know Love.

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  1. Praying whatever happened this afternoon will have everlasting kingdom effects!