Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Prince of peace

January of last year I was in a big transition. 
January of this year I am in a big transition. 

Both last year and this year God has shown me that I had kept myself in an unneeded situation. Both years I was staying in a place where God didn't ask me to say in... But I think that I stayed, unmoving for fear of man. Both this year and last year God has shown me he wants me to live in the freedom he has given. It was given, so why do I keep placing myself back into slavery? 
Fear of man is seemingly taking over. It is the worst! To please another over God... Fatal. 
Never ever do I want to fall into that, or go crawling back into that lie, that mess, that awful place. 
I will take freedom. I will let the freedom burst out of me. I will strive to keep my Lover, Jesus Christ in his rightful place. What is wise to God is crazy to the world. That is ok to me. 
He is the one and only, Price of peace. 

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