Thursday, August 14, 2014


On Saturday the family I've been living with and I went to Chacalapa where they have other family.  We spent the entire day there eating, making bread from scratch and hanging out. Here are some photos from the day. (not in any specific order)
We drove in a truck there and back and most of us were in the truck bed. Rain was close by but never fell. It was a beautiful day. I am enjoying every bit if this last week here in Oaxaca. 3 days left. Then on to Querétaro México.

The ingredients

this didn't get put in the bread other than a liiiittle bit, on the table, and on hands. No worries

work it

our drive back home

some finished bread out of the oven

beginning cleaning out the bugs from the flour

I even got my hair played with by Katy

this is Katy, love her

in the back of the truck going home

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